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[Let’s Talk] The Game Awards 2023 reactions

Posted on December 9, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, Let's Talk, Switch

The Game Awards 2023 happened this week, and we want to know what you thought about the show.

If you’re a Switch-only owner, you may have been disappointed by the announcements. There was some news for the platform here and there such as Tales of Kenzera: ZAU, but many of the titles were for other platforms. Some have a good chance at ending up on Switch eventually such as World of Goo 2, but we’ll have to wait and see. Also, Nintendo itself has been at The Game Awards in the past with both big and small announcements, but this was one of those years in which it chose not to bring anything.

As for the actual awards, Nintendo did get some wins in that department. However, for Game of the Year, that went to Baldur’s Gate 3 rather than Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom or Super Mario Bros. Wonder. You can catch up on all of the winners here.

How do you feel about The Game Awards this year? What did you think of the announcements and winners? Anything related to the event is fair game, so let us know in the comments.

Highlights from last week’s topic: What are you playing? – December 2023


Right now I’m finishing up AC Mirage (PS4), Splatoon 2 (Switch) and Runbow (XSS). But this month I’m still gonna play RE4 (PS4), Bayonetta (Switch) and Splinter Cell (XSS). If I get a break from work between Xmas and New Years, I might get a couple more games in there


I recently discovered this new concept of playing the games I own instead of constantly buying new ones so I’m kinda all over the place. Just beat Mario rpg and Deus ex mankind divided so now I’m playing mirror’s edge and gears 1 while I wait for dragon quest monsters to get here


The only Answer, Dragon Warrior Monsters: The Dark Prince.

Stephen Yap

I’m currently playing through Tevi. Just started Chapter 5 and so far, I’m having a blast with it. It’s only my second-favorite game of 2023 (with Pikmin 4 leading the pack for me), but I always welcome Metroidvania games with tons of upgrades and rewarding exploration to my pool, and Tevi is no different.


Been very busy lately so I’m only playing Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 2, right now I ony played 4 games from the compilation

-Mega Man Battle&Fighters, while the arcade is much better this is a good port, enojyed replaying it.
-Biomotor Unitron, another pokemon clone using robots (my favorite type of pokemon clone). Really enjoying it.
-Basebal Stars Color, very simple baseball game that I suck at.
-Pocket Tennis Color, fun game. Not much to it.

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