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[Let’s Talk] What are you playing? – July 2018

Posted on July 7, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk

A few days ago, a new month rolled right on in. Now that we’re in July, we want to know what you’ve been playing.

Have you started up something entirely new for the month? Are you trying out Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy or Wolfenstein II on Switch? No matter the case, let us know in the comments below.

Highlights from last week’s topic: Did the new demo sell you on Octopath Traveler?


Yeah, another one here who was sold on the game the moment they first revealed it. 🙂

Not gonna play the second demo, only two more weeks to go now, and I’ve got Ys (amongst other things) to keep me busy till then… I just hope I’ll manage to finish Ys by the time Octopath is out, it usually takes me more than two weeks to finish an rpg, but I guess I’ll just have to make an effort.

Kaydee Yewbirt

No. I tried the first demo and didn’t find any of it was within my hit zone. The characters seem really interesting, but other than that, none of Octopath is to my taste. But almost all my gamer friends are anticipating this at feverish levels so I hope it is as good as the hype 🙂


The first demo did, but the second is so nice. Definitely gives me more perspective and an idea of what to look forward to.


I was sold from the start and after playing the first demo my conviction that this is the kind of game I love the most was only strengthened. But I do hope this demo was able to reach even more people, I wish this game the best.


Um, actually… It kind of unsold me.

Wait! Please, before you throw the tomatoes, hear me out.

I played the first demo, and fell in love. It was Primrose’s story that really hooked me. It was sad, and moving, and I wanted to fight for her. A game like Octopath lives and dies by its story, and it seemed like it had a great one.

I’ve been purposely not trying to watch any of the other character bios just to avoid spoilers, but when the second demo came out, I thought, why not? So I gave it a try and started with Cyrus.

To be frank, he was disappointing. No real emotional motivation, and to top it off he was just oblivious to some people. Well, okay, I figure he’s a comic relief character. Oh, well. So together my second character of the demo, I go to see Ophelia. Her blurb said that she dealt with some tragedy.

Ophelia’s demo really angered me. Let me give some background. I’m a father of an adopted daughter, and my wife and I are trying to adopt some more right now. Ophelia’s entirely submissive attitude of her adopted family, not even being able to call her father “Father,” and repeatedly saying that she wasn’t worthy of their love and respect, just irked me. I kept expecting to see some instance of abuse, but it never came. So, this girl spent 15 years acting like a servant to these people? Never even thinking that her father was proud of her? And then she goes and takes her sister’s place in an important ritual she spent her entire life preparing for, and I’m just waiting to see some of the anger and hatred come out, but no everything’s fine. There’s literally was almost no emotional drama other than the fact that the father was sick and might die, and the adopted daughter was going on a quest, because obviously the biological daughter must love the father more.

It was just so backward and twisted, and there was really no great emotional moving part of the entire thing. And after I heard how everyone was loving Ys VIII, I took the money I was pre ordering Octopath with and pre-ordered Ys. I don’t regret it.

Eventually, I’ll probably pick Octopath up. Probably at a discount. I’ll give the rest of the the demo a try, too. But right now, I’m just not interested.

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