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[Let’s Talk] What do you want to see from Pokemon Sun/Moon?

Posted on February 27, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Let's Talk

Let’s Talk #40: What do you want to see from Pokemon Sun/Moon?

A big Pokemon announcement was made yesterday. Although we did see it coming due to European trademark leaks, we can now officially say that Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are the latest entries in the series, and both will be out on 3DS later this year.

Thus far, we don’t actually know much about Sun and Moon. It looks like we’ll have a new world to explore, and new Pokemon are being introduced as well. That should mean we’re entering an entirely new generation.

Since we know so little about what’s coming, that leaves the door open to plenty of possibilities. Having said that, is there anything in particular you’d like to see in Sun/Moon? Are there gameplay changes or new features you’d be interested in? Let us know in the comments below!

Highlights from last week’s topic: What are you playing? – February 2016


Believe it or not, I am enjoying with my family “animal crossing: amiibo festival”. Plagued with terrible reviews, this game , to us, is a fun board game I enjoy because my casual family actually is able to play with me, and by casual, I mean they are terrible at smash bros and have a hard time with mini games in Mario party 10, and can never hold on to their powers in Mario bros Wii u (fire, penguin suit, flying squirrel etc), but we can play Kirby RtDl because of all the hits you can take and still be in the game. Each family member of mine (niece, wife, father in law), gets their own amiibo and we love how it saves your own progress, and how you can get different outfits for your characters, really feels like the characters are our own, like our personal characters we can take to anyone’s Wii u to continue our amiibo festival fun. I got into the game when wave 2 amiibos came out, as I love the owls, and so does my wife (I am Blathers while she is Celeste, cute!) I personally think a digital board game with out mini games every turn makes this game a relaxing experience, and it plays mostly by chance, which I am perfectly fine with because that’s how games like monopoly usually play out. Rather than spitefully always trying to get the better of everyone and trying to beat each other in competition, I was surprised that my family and I actually helped each other out by giving tips on what we could do, or even going as far as saying ” oh “niece”, you need to land a 3 so you are able to buy a card, those are very useful especially on the turnip market”. For a digital board game, I give animal crossing amiibo festival a thumbs up.

However, I do agree with most reviewers, that the amiibo requirement makes this game expensive. With a combination of eBay, price matching at Best Buy from Amazon (I.E. It made Mabel $4.94 instead of $12.99) and 20% off new game products at Best Buy, I was able to get the game, 4 figures we wanted (Tom Nook came with the game I bought on eBay), and 2 amiibo cards for $47.00 in total.

So with clever shopping, I am confident you can avoid the $90.00 margin as long as you do research. For now, I look forward the next time I get to play more amiibo festival. I haven’t played the game by myself, I much rather play with family members.


When the Shovel Knight Amiibo came out, I decided to go back and play through it again, which reminded me I never actually got around to the Plague Knight campaign (which honestly, I think I’m preferring to Shovel Knight’s). I’ve also been kind of jumping between Xenoblade X and Xenoblade 3D depending on which gaming device I have in front of me. It’s proven surprisingly less confusing than I’d have thought.

And I’ve been playing Smash Bros again recently after the last new characters joined. I couldn’t care less about Bayonetta (though I dig her stage), but Corrin is so much fun to play. ^_^

Also, I just want to add that Fire Emblem Fates can’t come out soon enough. XD

Addy the Wanderer

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop for Wii. Been trying to get every costume and accessory, replaying over and over and over again.


I’m going to be playing some indie games, mainly Freeze Me. Also Octodad, Human Resources Machine (since I don’t get enough programing at my job or hobbies) and Shovel Knight

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