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[Let’s Talk] Your Indie World Showcase highlights

Posted on August 22, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk, Switch

Nintendo hosted one of its Indie World Showcase presentations this week. As is normally the case, we were able to check out a whole bunch of upcoming indie games for Switch. And while we usually get a few shadowdrops during these broadcasts, there were quite a few this time around – probably the most we’ve ever had. Those that missed the event can catch up on the big news in the announcement recap here.

Now that the Indie World Showcase is behind us, what were your personal highlights? Which games are you looking forward to the most? Also, if you picked up any of the new titles that released, what are your thoughts on them so far? Let us know in the comments below.

Highlights from last week’s topic: Metroid Prime 4 hopes and dreams


I love the Metroid Prime games, but I’m afraid the concept would feel a bit outdated these days. So I hope they’ll give it the BotW-treatment. I think Metroid could work really well if it were a bit less linear. Multiple indoor areas that you can tackle one in any order and in any way. I hope it will take place on one planet without many other characters; MP3 lacked atmosphere because it was different in that aspect. Keep some good storytelling (scanning logs worked pretty well) and it could be a very successful game.

Locky Mavo

I consider myself as mostly a patient person, I can wait as long as it takes for Metroid Prime 4 to come out.
I just hope MP4 is the game that finally puts Metroid on the board as a heavy-hitter Nintendo franchise and it it does to the Metroid franchise, what BotW and Odyssey did for the Zelda and Mario franchises.
Of course the campaign is the most important part of any Metroid game, but I do believe that a good multiplayer mode would only benefit the game, Hunters multiplayer was fantastic, only held back by the hand cramping controls.
Speaking of Hunters, I hope in the near future a Metroid Prime HD collection is released including remakes of Hunters and Federation Force with their multiplayer in tact. Hell, throw MP Pinball in there as well!
But if they could do anything right now, a teaser trailer would be nice.


Personally I just hope they don’t turn it into some kind of BS “cinematic experience” with linear sequences and stuff blowing everywhere and stick to making a good 3D Metroid style adventure game with exploration as the main focus.
That’s all.
Well, no I also hope it’s really pretty and technically impressive and restores people’s faith in Retro Studio … I know mine has dwindled really low.

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