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Lots of Treasurenauts details

Posted on February 5, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

A slew of details have come in for Treasurenauts. You can find them rounded up below.

– Need to get tons of treasure in the different worlds and levels
– Can get a Wario Land-like reward depending on your total at the end
– Adventure mode: romp through the world at your own pace, collect treasure, defeat enemies
– Hardcore mode: time limit, no saving
– Playable demo had 3 playable characters
– Characters were only different aesthetically
– Final game will include a bunch of different characters, including some from Renegade Kid’s other games
– Character differences come down to three different weapons: sword, gun, bombs
– Each has its own uses and styles
– Need to make use of them to unlock every portion of the world
– World map is inspired by Super Mario World
– Map leads around to different levels that might restrict you in a Metroid fashion
– Ex: access the second world just after the beginning, but need a double jump to progress in it, which is gained after beating the first boss
– If you team up with another player in co-op, you can sequence break together
– Co-op includes Download Play
– Playable demo levels include one from the beach world, jungle world, curse stage, and a boss fight
– Beach world is from the first world
– Culminates in the boss fight with a giant Mama Crab
– The jungle world is the second world
– The stages all had branching paths that had ample amounts of treasure hidden, some requiring different weapons to access
– Curse level is the equivalent of a ghost house in a Mario game
– The world around you gets drearier and colorless as you play, with Spelunky-like ghosts chasing you around as time wears on
– Hit a crystal in the middle of the level to reset the room, bringing it back to normal
– Clock resets and the level is cursed again
– Tentatively targeted for May/June
– Adventure mode was added later on, hence the delay


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