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It’s been years since we’ve heard anything about Treasurenauts, the action platformer developed by Atooi. In a recent video update, Jools Watsham has revealed that development for the game is actually still ongoing. However, development has now shifted from the Nintendo 3DS to the Nintendo Switch because, according to Watsham, the handheld is not a fruitful market for indie developers:

Treasurenauts … that’s progressing really well – yes, we’re still making it, yes – it’s going to come out eventually. It will definitely, of course, be on the Switch, along with other platforms – not the 3DS, though, unfortunately, because it’s just not a market that is particularly fruitful for indie developers. 

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Treasurenauts was announced over two years ago, yet the 3DS eShop game still has yet to be released. Those who are interested in the title can at least rest easy knowing that Renegade Kid will soon be shifting its full effort to the project. According to co-founder Jools Watsham, the team will be focusing entirely on Treasurenauts once Mutant Mudds Super Challenge is completed.

Watsham wrote on Twitter a couple of minutes ago:


The wait for Treasurenauts continues. Renegade Kid co-founder gave a release date update on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, confirming that the 3DS eShop game is scheduled for a Q4 launch.

Treasurenauts was originally announced last February. Renegade Kid hoped to finish its game by the end of 2013, but it was moved to Q1 2014.

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A slew of details have come in for Treasurenauts. You can find them rounded up below.

– Need to get tons of treasure in the different worlds and levels
– Can get a Wario Land-like reward depending on your total at the end
– Adventure mode: romp through the world at your own pace, collect treasure, defeat enemies
– Hardcore mode: time limit, no saving
– Playable demo had 3 playable characters
– Characters were only different aesthetically
– Final game will include a bunch of different characters, including some from Renegade Kid’s other games
– Character differences come down to three different weapons: sword, gun, bombs
– Each has its own uses and styles
– Need to make use of them to unlock every portion of the world
– World map is inspired by Super Mario World
– Map leads around to different levels that might restrict you in a Metroid fashion
– Ex: access the second world just after the beginning, but need a double jump to progress in it, which is gained after beating the first boss
– If you team up with another player in co-op, you can sequence break together
– Co-op includes Download Play
– Playable demo levels include one from the beach world, jungle world, curse stage, and a boss fight
– Beach world is from the first world
– Culminates in the boss fight with a giant Mama Crab
– The jungle world is the second world
– The stages all had branching paths that had ample amounts of treasure hidden, some requiring different weapons to access
– Curse level is the equivalent of a ghost house in a Mario game
– The world around you gets drearier and colorless as you play, with Spelunky-like ghosts chasing you around as time wears on
– Hit a crystal in the middle of the level to reset the room, bringing it back to normal
– Clock resets and the level is cursed again
– Tentatively targeted for May/June
– Adventure mode was added later on, hence the delay


Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham has posted a new update on his blog outlining the studio’s development plans. Mutant Mudds (3DS), Treasurenauts, Cult County, Mutant Mudds 2 were all covered in the post. Additionally, Watsham teased two new titles, one of which has been confirmed for 3DS and will be announced in January.

Rather than rounding up the news in bullet point form, it’d probably be best to share the blog post entirely. You can find it after the break or on Watsham’s page here.

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