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Luigi’s Mansion 3 devs explain why there won’t be any single-player DLC, why they went with multiplayer instead

Posted on January 30, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is getting DLC, but probably not in the way most would have expected. Two multiplayer parts are planned – the first by the end of April and the second by the end of July. This is somewhat surprising, as Luigi’s Mansion 3 is mainly looked upon fondly for its single-player experience.

In an interview with Kotaku, a few developrers weighed in on why Luigi’s Mansion 3 won’t be seeing any single-player DLC. Creative director Bryce Holliday explained:

“Most people buying or even thinking about a Luigi’s Mansion game just want the single-player (or Gooigi-partnered) story experience. Schedules dictated Story Mode had to be built first. However, at NLG, we love making multiplayer games, so this DLC is full of those experiences we wanted to share.”

“In the very beginning, there was an urge from NLG to do a single-player expansion, but it faded quickly. (The team) had a lot of multiplayer ideas that would be fun to develop and share with fans that were getting cut. Making story mode games is a difficult and slower process, development-wise, than multiplayer modes, so we ended up pushing them to DLC. Multiplayer DLC development will be a fresh break for NLG and forces some exercise of our ‘Multiplayer brains.’ An additional benefit is that the cut single-player ideas can be saved for something else in the future.” –

“If you enjoyed or were simply intrigued by the multiplayer part of Luigi’s Mansion 3, you are going to find fun in this DLC.”

Producer Kensuke Tanabe also chimed in with the following:

“I hadn’t thought of adding Single Play floors at all. In Luigi’s Mansion 3, it has a solid introduction, development, twist and conclusion. Therefore, by inserting an additional floor, there would be an inconsistency with the setting and chronological order, and we would end up restarting the story in an incomplete way, which the player should have already finished. I didn’t want to do that.”

To close things out, producer Yoshihito Ikebata explained: “Also, if we created a second hotel, it would take a long time to develop, so that would be difficult.”


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