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Maglam Lord opens website, bringing lots of story details, screenshots, and more

Posted on September 17, 2020 by (@brodee922) in Screenshots, Switch eShop

The action-RPG Maglam Lord was recently announced by D3 Publisher to be coming to the Switch this winter in Japan. Now, they have opened up an official website for the game, giving lots of details on the story and characters. Also included on the website are also some screenshots and music from the game.

The full story details on the site have been added below, courtesy of a translation by Gematsu, and the screenshots and character pictures have also been added. 

■ World


In a world where immortal gods and demon lords fight to no end to dominate the realm…

Killrizark, the “Demon Lord of Swords” who can mutilate and destroy even such high-ranking beings without question, was strongly viewed by both sides as the “enemy of the world.”

Eventually the Demon Lord of Swords became surrounded by an alliance of gods and demon lords, and was on the verge of being sealed by the Supreme God of Light, Granginion, and his mighty fist.

However, by the devotion of his loyal retainer and “Demon Lord of Iron” Balgackyn, he managed to escape from danger. The worn-out master and servant escaped their pursuers and somehow managed to reach refuge, but fell into a long slumber in order to regain their strength.

Time passed, and the Demon Lord of Swords who finally awakened was shocked to find that his strength had not recovered. That being the case, one should go around eating all the souls within reach to make a swift and complete recovery! The Demon Lord of Swords triumphantly swung into action.

But, what awaited him outside of his lair was a woman with a sweet smile and unfamiliar attire.

“Good morning, Demon Lord. The government has classified you an ‘endangered species.’”

Endangered Species

An endangered species is a species classified by the government as on the verge of extinction because its continued existence is difficult. To prevent extinction, official protection activities such as conservation and environmental maintenance are carried out. Other than the protagonist, the possibilities of other rare species such as fairies and sky beasts being classified as an endangered species are increasing. These species, who choose to hide to avoid the flames of war, live poorly and with bated breath, without knowing that peace has come.

Relationship Between Demon Lords and Heroes

Demon lords and heroes, who are both classified as endangered species, have a deep and fated connection. By defeating a demon lord, a hero can “awaken” and become a full-fledged hero. These species were originally supposed to despise each other, but the Demon Lord protagonist for some reason becomes partners with the heroes Darris and Sharm. Furthermore, there seem to be many secrets in the relationships between demon lords and partners, such as developing into a “potential marriage partner” relationship as you progress through the story.

■ Characters

Killrizark (voiced by Ryuichi Kijima / Akari Kitou)

A survivor of the now endangered demon lord species. They are knwon as the “Demon Lord of Swords” who can freely wield the “magic sword.” “Get in my way, and both the gods and the demon lords will be ruthlessly hacked to bits.” At the end of this wild behavior, they were subjugated by both sides as an “enemy of the world,” and went into a deep sleep to recover. They have no intention of changing their ways upon awakening.

Satius (voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki)

Grandson of the Demon Lord’s loyal retainer Balga. An inexperienced member of the demon lord species without a second name. They are making efforts to be a faithful servant in preparation for the Demon Lord of Swords’ revival. Although not gifted in the martial arts, Satius is skilled in black magic and knowledge, and willfully supports, admonishes, and watches over the Demon Lord. They tend to feel inadequate and often sighs.

Balgackyn (voiced by Hiroki Gotou)

An old general who was once known as the “Demon Lord of Iron.” Also known as Balga. Ever since being defeated by the Demon Lord of Swords, he has followed them as a loyal retainer. He used his body as a shield to help the demon lord escape their death, but paid the price by losing his body and becoming a powerless and peculiar creature. Although he still tries to be a loyal retainer to his lord, he often gets kicked around for being a chatter box.

Darris (voiced by Yoshiki Nakajima)

A young man of the endangered “hero species.” He has yet to defeat a “demon lord” and reach his “awakening.” While he is persistent about defeating a “demon lord” in order to be recognized as a fully-fledged hero, he seems to be burdened with a major handicap for a hero… He is blunt and talks nothing but trash, but deep down he is honest and considerate of others.

Sharm (voiced by Kaori Nazuka)

A young lady of the endangered “hero species.” Darris’ older sister. She has already defeated another “demon lord” and achieved her “awakening,” and is known by the name “Hero of Smiles.” She is gentle and kind, but flawed in that she excessively worries when it comes to her younger brother. It seems she made a mistake in the past and feels inferior to her brother because of it…

Officer Mamii (voiced by Yuko Gibu)

A government conservation officer who came to pronounce the revived demon lord an endangered species. In order to fulfill her duties, she is equipped with unknown abilities, including a method of defense that allows her to nullify the demon lord’s slash attack. Even so, she is merely a low-ranking public servant. Trying to proceed in a peaceful fashion only gets her jerked around by the demon lord’s gang, who refuse to listen to a word she says.

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