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Maglam Lord

During TGS 2020 Online, D3 Publisher showed off its action RPG Maglam Lord with lots of footage. The official recording has now been posted online, which we have below.

Maglam Lord is due out for Switch this winter in Japan.

The action-RPG Maglam Lord was recently announced by D3 Publisher to be coming to the Switch this winter in Japan. Now, they have opened up an official website for the game, giving lots of details on the story and characters. Also included on the website are also some screenshots and music from the game.

The full story details on the site have been added below, courtesy of a translation by Gematsu, and the screenshots and character pictures have also been added. 

D3 Publisher has gone live with the first trailer for its new RPG Maglam Lord. Get a look at the video below.

Maglam Lord launches this winter on Switch in Japan.

D3 Publisher and developer Felistella have announced Maglam Lord, a “magic sword creation action RPG” Maglam Lord for PlayStation 4 and Switch. A release is scheduled for this winter in Japan.

Here’s an overview of the game, along with first screenshots via Gematsu and Famitsu: