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Mario Kart 8 – 2nd DLC screenshots, patch notes

Posted on April 15, 2015 by (@LyonHart_) in News, Screenshots, Wii U

New screenshots and patch notes are out for the second batch of DLC heading to Mario Kart 8 on April 23rd. Check them out below:

– Download of DLC2 possible
– 9 new Mii (amiibo activated) suits
– 200cc class added
– Grand Prix: Must beat all cups on 150cc to activate
– VS Race: available from the start
– Online Custom Rules: available from the start
– Friend Lobby: available from the start
– Tournament Settings: available from the start
– When breaking while drifting during 200c mode, sparks will fly from your tires
– Breaking now possible while drifting using the Wii Remote by pushing B, 1, & 2 buttons at the same time
– Able to add CPU players to Online Custom Rules, but only human players will count for scoring
– Pressing the minus button on the following controllers will now put the map on the screen:
       • Wii U Pro Controller
       • Classic Controller
       • Wii Remote + Nun-chuck
– The seasons on the Animal Crossing course are random, except in Time Attack mode, which is limited to Summer only.
– 10 new stamps added for use in Miiverse posts


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