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Minecraft getting cross-play – Switch owners can play with Xbox One users and more

Posted on June 11, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Update: As part of today’s news, Minecraft Realms will indeed be coming to Switch this summer. Cross-play is in August.

Original: Cross-play is coming to Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition, Mojang and 4J Studios announced today.

The Switch edition, along with the versions of Minecraft for VR, Windows 10, Pocket Edition, Android, iOS, and Xbox One, will be powered by reconfigured infrastructure called the “Bedrock Engine”. This is what will make cross-play possible. Those on Switch will be able to play with Xbox One players, for example. Note that there are no plans to support older consoles, including Wii U.

Right now Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition doesn’t support voice chat. However, players can communicate through text.

Some other upgrades were also highlighted today, which will apparently be on Switch as well:

– Raise of the five player limit to eight
– Bigger servers
– Massive realms
– Console versions will support the infinite worlds mechanic, can generate past the limits of existing worlds, and DLC carries across all Bedrock games

It also seems like Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition could be losing its “Edition” name. This is being carried out across various versions to unify all players.


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