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Monster Hunter XX: new details on monsters, new Hunting Arts, new moves, more

Posted on February 9, 2017 by (@OnePunchMaz) in 3DS, News, Screenshots

Quite a bit of new Monster Hunter XX info was released lately, partly through Famitsu, and the game’s official website. Adam “Gaijinhunter” Evanko has kindly translated this avalanche of new details, and Perfectly Nintendo have compiled them. A fair bit of new screenshots and artwork was also released alongside these new details.

First up, some details about the monsters. The Ouma Diablos can enter rage mode, in which its body starts boiling. The steam it emits can literally blow you away if you get too close. The new Deviant monster is the “Hidden Dragon” Malfestio, who has a variety of tricks up its sleeve: it can become invisible, steal items and create shockwaves with its wings. Finally, the following returning monsters will be in Monster Hunter XX: Nerscylla, Gravios and Basario.

monster hunter xx monsters 2

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Head past the break for new info on Hunting Arts and new moves for Prawlers / Palicoes:

Each weapon will get one new Hunting Art in Monster Hunter XX.

  • Great Sword: Moon Break – a powerful concentrated attack where you spin and swing your sword around; likely useful for breaking body parts
  • Sword & Shield: Chaos Oil – gives your sword the effects of all the various weapon oils (Affinity, Stamina, Destroyer and Mind’s Eye); it can also be used in addition to these oils, and their effects stack
  • Long Sword: a special skill that increases your attack power in exchange for continuously draining your health; however, you can get your health back by attacking an enemy
  • Dual Blades: jump forward, then use a spin attack
  • Hunting Horn: allows you to play songs while evading attacks
  • Hammer: Impact Pulse – for a short time, your attacks will send out shockwaves
  • Insect Glaive: buffs the Kinsect, making it more aggressive and allowing it to use combo moves
  • Lance: applies a healing potion to your shield; any time you guard or attack, you and nearby allies regain some health
  • Gunlance: AA Flare – you fire a shot into the sky, which is followed by a large blast
  • Bow: allows you to charge up your shots while evading attacks
  • Bowgun: Charge Shot – you can charge your shots and turn a level 1 shot into a level 3 shot
  • Switch Axe: Tempest Axe – allows you to run quickly when in axe mode; there’s also a new finishing move when using the Axe Chop combo finisher
  • Charge Blade: Chainsaw Saucer – your shield gathers energy while spinning around like a chainsaw; the gathered energy is then used to charge your weapon
  • Heavy Bowgun: a charged supershot that works with shield customisation parts

monster hunter xx hunting styles

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Prawlers and Palicoes will also get some new moves:

  • Felyne Cannon: you get inside and blast off towards the monster. Hunter can also activate it
  • Blasting Roll: you jump on top of a bomb, and roll around. You can either go straight to the monster while rolling, or press a button to kick it and send it flying toward the monster
  • Spiked Ball: similar to the Blasting Roll – however, if you manage to hit a monster in the face with the ball, you can stun it
  • A special move that allows you to sacrifice one of your two acorns permanently. In exchange, your HP and support gauges are maxed out
  • A special move that lets you warp back to camp
  • SP Horn: puts everyone in SP Mode
  • Wide Range Horn: everyone gets wide range
  • Vase of Vitality: puts a healing vase on your head which heals nearby players
  • Power Scream: a huge scream that powers up allies (attack, etc.), and negates KO
  • A special move that is used when you’re hiding underground. When you activate it, you jump out of the ground, and lunge at monsters with your sword

Finally, you can replace a skill on a Felyne with a new, random one by going to the dojo and paying 500 points.

monster hunter xx palicoes 23

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Finally, here are two images that show off the in-game collaboration outfits with Famitsu and Weekly Shonen Jump, respectively:

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