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More Bravely Second details covering asterisk holders, Kapu Kapu Maker

Posted on March 27, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Gematsu has translated another round of details about Bravely Second. The latest information covers asterisk holders that haven’t been spoken about much recently, and the Kapu Kapu Maker mini-game that we touched on a bit earlier in the week. View the full overview below.

Performer Asterisk Holder: Praline à la Mode

Praline is a battlefield idol known for her cute, dazzling looks in tandem with her natural singing voice, lending her quite the following. As a former member of the Black Blades in the previous game, she tried intervening in the insurrection at Eisenberg, but ultimately stepped out of the limelight for a time after facing defeat at the hands of Tiz and his group. Now, however, she’s returned to the singing business and says she’s in the midst of preparing new songs.

Pirate Asterisk Holder: Hayreddin Barbarossa

The first mate of the Eternian Black Blades, Hayredden rides aboard the SS Funky Francisca around the Pirate Ocean. This time around, though, as a man of the seas, he apparently sometimes tries to put his foot down with Praline, but….

Swordmaster Asterisk Holder: Nobutsuna Kamiizumi

Nobutsuna is the head of the Black Blades and a true master of the art of the sword, having once been Edea’s teacher. Previously, during the uprising at Eisenberg, against all odds, he managed to hold his own admirable against considerable opposition. Afterwards, though he appeared to be engaged in an international journey to further hone his skills, ostensibly in the middle of his travels, he reappears before Edea and the others alongside a cat he takes in.

Chomper Maker (Kapu Kapu Maker)

Chomper Maker is a new minigame where four characters are tasked with making Chomper plushes by cutting cloth, padding them, fastening together, and adding the final touches, with one character per job. Upon making a plush, they get stored in the packaging in the bottom screen, which can be sold for a special currency known as “Chomps.” Chomps can then be exchanged for PGs, making it in players best interests to push out as much stock as they can! The prices of each pack vary depending on things like how full a given pack is and whether it includes certain types of Chompers. Adequately fulfilling such conditions will result in a bonus being tacked on. Plus, if the value of a pack of plushes reaches specific amounts, players can unlock additional BGMs that can be be played freely as they go about their work.

Not all plushes are the same, though; produce enough of them and the chance to make rare Chompers just might arise. The type of tools used to produce them can also affect players’ output, with good quality ones increasing productivity for a limited time frame, doling out specific effects ranging from making rare Chompers to overall production time for each unit being shorted, among many others. Manufacturing tools can be bought from a special shop that takes payment in Chomps.

It’s also worth paying attention to the Fever Gauge. Every time a Chomper plus gets made, the gauge goes up and once it tops out, a character can be picked to go into Fever Mode, drastically improving their morale and, by extension, their work output.

Chomper Village

A mysterious little settlement buried deep within a forest far away from human eyes, the Chomper Village. It’s here that Chompers are sent out from the “Chomper Cooperative” and have life breathed into them before being sent out into the world at large.


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