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More Final Fantasy Explorers details

Posted on November 24, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Square Enix has unleashed another round of Final Fantasy Explorers details about the latest character transformations and jobs. You’ll find the full set of information below.

– Tifa comes equipped with her ultimate weapon, the Premium Heart gloves
– Uses her Final Heaven limit break against enemies
– Aerith from Final Fantasy VII can restore HP and clear negative status effects with Great Gospel, one of her limit breaks from the game
– Cecil from Final Fantasy IV can use Double Phase
– This is an attack that blends both his light and dark sides that comes from Dissidia: Final Fantasy
– Vaan has his Luminescence Quickening from Final Fantasy XII
– Thief job: steals items from monsters
– Thief can use a skill that reduces the amount of AP consumed while dashing so you can run longer
– Surprise Attack is a quick strike with a high critical rate
– Chaos Trip inflicts poison and burn statues that sap HP from a target
– Chemists are item masters
– When Chemists use items their effects are more potent
– Chemists can also use an item without consuming it
– The downside to this is that the skill has a long cooldown period
– Chemists are intended to be support characters
– They can also act as long range fighters when equipped with a gun


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