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More tidbits from Iwata and DeNA’s CEO about Nintendo’s pursuit of mobile games

Posted on March 19, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, Mobile, News

Nintendo and DeNA held a presentation earlier this week to announce a big partnership between the two companies, as the Big N is finally set to make a big splash in the mobile space with original games for smart devices. Towards the end of the event, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and DeNA CEO Isao Moriyasu fielded some questions from those in attendance.

Here’s a brief summary as to what was discussed:

– Iwata says “that each company will have to rely on their good strengths”
– The two discussed how Nintendo will make the games and DeNA will handle the back end
– Moriyasu added that Nintendo will make the games and DeNA will support them
– He also said that the role each company plays will vary by game depending on needs
– Iwata on why Nintendo decided to partner with DeNA: “The world of business is always changing. Therefore, Nintendo is always adjusting.”
– Moriyasu is positive that the mobile game business is only getting larger and larger
– He wondered how he could make business even bigger, and he believes partnering with Nintendo will do just that
– Iwata said that there is no relationship between DeNA and the Nintendo NX
– Again, Nintendo is not going to give up making games for dedicated Nintendo platforms
– Iwata said he is thinking about cross platform interaction between smart phones and dedicated Nintendo devices
– The systems will all connect somehow through Nintendo’s new membership program
– Iwata hinted at some interactivity between dedicated Nintendo consoles and smart phones
– Iwata said many mobile companies were “knocking on Nintendo’s door” and offered similar deals
– DeNA was chosen because the company had a “passion” to work with Nintendo that impressed Nintendo
– Iwata: “DeNA attacked Nintendo with a passion, so we were impressed by them.”

If you watched Nintendo and DeNA’s presentation earlier this week, then most of this should just be rehash. Nintendo will also be putting up an English transcript soon enough I’m sure, so hopefully you’ll be able to read the full Q&A in the near future.


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