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More Xenoblade Chronicles X details covering equipment and races

Posted on March 12, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Another round of Xenoblade Chronicles X details – featuring equipment and races – have been translated from the official website. We’ve rounded them up below (thanks Siliconera).


– Arms Company is located at the shopping district
– Arms Company sells and develops equipment for characters and Dolls
– There are companies such as the Sakuraba Heavy Industry, Granada GG, and Meledes & Co
– You can choose to support certain companies and have them make newer and better gear by leveling them up
– Companies can be upgraded by offering them all-purpose minerals known as Miranium
– This can also be done by using a company’s weapon and acquiring Commercial Points by defeating enemies
– Can also request upgrades with the Affix Enhancement feature
– Do this by offering various material found throughout Mira, and providing them to upgrade accessories
– There are slots for equipment
– You can use to input “Devices” into the as power-ups and effects to the gear
– This is also done by finding material in Mira, then making the Device with them
– The Arms Company can make brand new equipment by giving them rare material


The Nopon

– Indigenous to Planet Mira
– Nopon are known for traveling around the planet in their caravan to sell merchandise

The MaNon

– The MaNon are Peaceful extraterrestrials with highly advanced technology

The Vaias

– Vaias are hostile toward humans
– Vaias are one of the more aggressive groups of extraterrestrials on Planet Mira


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