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Narrative card co-op roguelike Azoove in the works for Switch

Posted on February 22, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop


Timeless Toucan will be releasing its upcoming project Azoove on Switch, the studio has announced. It will launch on the console following a PC Early Access period in 2025.

Azoove is a co-op roguelite card game about surviving a journey through cursed desert dunes. Further information can be found in the following overview:

Return the book to the library together, or face damnation. Collaborate with a partner in online co-op on a trek to end a calamitous curse, managing health, resources and mental composure. Face new disasters each day, and luck of the draw may not be in the pair’s favor, but new Opportunities and intelligent collaboration will save the day.

Start each day with a hand of numbered cards that grant Action Points. Choose which Opportunity cards to share and play, but beware, as the adventurers cannot communicate with each other – and like the tabletop games that inspired Azoove, this rule should be followed. Make insightful deductions and intuit which Opportunities to share.

Each of the four heroes boasts unique Hero Powers converting leftover Action Points into helpful boons. Call upon Sage’s ability to conjure rations, Oriana’s powerful meditation that can add crucial action points, Rin’s group healing, and Auri’s ability to reduce despair. Use Action Points wisely, as they do not carry over to the next day.

Play through multiple difficulties with a friend, or practice with an AI partner. Earn points from each playthrough, building up a deck to help with future runs, with multiple difficulty levels available for replay value.

Timeless Toucan founder Daniel Milo said of the new project: “Each run players face different challenges, especially as the difficulty ramps up. It is fascinating to see how plays and moments emerge when two players are vying for survival. We’re eagerly awaiting the chance to observe how people respond to social situations where hard calls must be made with imperfect information – it really leads to some interesting storylines.”

Find a trailer for Azoove below.

Announcement Trailer

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