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Natsume on parterning with Arc System Works for River City: Tokyo Rumble, open to more series localizations

Posted on October 4, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, General Nintendo, News

It was due to Natsume’s relationship with Arc System Works that River City: Tokyo Rumble was able to head west. That game originally came to Japan a few years ago, but Natsume was finally able to publish it in English at the end of last month.

Speaking about the partnership with Arc System Works and how River City: Tokyo Rumble came to be overseas, Natsu,e producer Taka Maekawa told Siliconera:

“Our partnership with Arc System Works started almost a year and a half ago through a good friend of mine in Japan. It all started with Gotcha Racing and Brave Tank Hero for the Nintendo 3DS, then continued with Super Strike Beach Volleyball and River City: Tokyo Rumble this year. With River City, I contacted Arc System Works as soon as I saw the news that Million’s title rights (who were the right holders of Tecnos Japan titles) had been transferred to Arc System Works.”

Siliconera also asked if Natsume would be open to localizing more River City games, such as the medieval spinoff for 3DS and River City Ransom SP. To this, Maekawa said:

“Of course! We are definitely open for any opportunities with other titles in the Kunio series!”


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