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New Dark Souls: Remastered details

Posted on April 3, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

A number of outlets were able to go hands-on with Dark Souls: Remastered last week. Among them was USgamer, who is sharing new details about the release today.

Here’s the full roundup of information:

– Game has online multiplayer improvements
– Many of these changes seem geared towards PvP, including an update that brings Dark Souls 3’s password multiplayer system to Dark Souls Remastered and the addition of dedicated servers
– Maximum number of players increased from 4 to 6
– Password matchmaking now available
– Host’s level will be adjusted to match a higher leveled guest character
– Healing items removed from PvP except for Estus Flasks, and Estus Flasks halved for phantoms
– Players can turn on/off global matchmaking
– Players can summon ally phantoms consecutively when in combat
– Players outside a host’s parameter range will not be matched with each other
– Changes made to the Arena mode that previously came with the Artorias of the Abyss DLC, but included in Dark Souls Remastered
– These include a new 3v3 and 6-player deathmatch, the same password matchmaking system from Dark Souls 3, and randomized respawn points
– Quality of life improvements
– Expanded language option
– Easier way to select and use multiple items at once (like souls)
– Ability to switch Covenants at bonfires
– Button configuration
– Dedicated servers
– Solaire amiibo doesn’t unlock any special boss or powers, just the “Praise the sun” emote early
– Can unlock this normally without the amiibo
– Virtuos officially confirmed to be working on the Switch version
– FromSoftware overseeing the remaster


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