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New Rime details

Posted on January 6, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

IGN has posted a new preview of Rime that goes into detail as to how the game actually plays. Below, we’ve rounded up a bunch of the information. You can also read IGN’s full piece here.

– Adventure full of exploration and puzzles
– Game was originally conceived as an action-RPG adventure with survival and crafting elements called Echoes of the Siren
– Final game is very different
– Exploration adventure in which you play as a kid in an uncharted and beautiful location
– Discover secrets along with him
– Isle full of magnificent places, creatures, landscapes, mysteries and puzzles
– No fighting
– Doesn’t mean you’re alone on the island or that there are no enemies or tense moments
– Main goal, at least to start, is to find out what’s going on at the island and what we are doing there
– Game begins as you wake up on a beach after a storm without memories
– Need to explore a colorful island full of strange and ancient structures
– Fauna and flora populate every single corner of the island
– You’ll see wild boars, forest, fox
– The fox acts as a guide and companion
– The fox appears on the start screen every time you play the game
– This screen evolves with your progress through the story
– Classic adventure with separate chapters set on different zones of the island
– First chapter takes about two hours
– In that chapter, you have complete freedom to explore a limited section of the game’s setting
– Hidden paths and secrets along the way, but in the chapter, just one way to keep moving forward
– Some chapters are more open
– No weapons to use
– In the very first minutes of the game you have to get some seagulls to fly and feed some boars to clear your path
– Can change the time of the day to solve some puzzles
– Rime does have a night/day cycle, although it’s mainly just a cosmetic issue that doesn’t affect the way you play
– Each cycle lasts for about 20 minutes
– Pull levers, climb cliffs, activate objects, chase boars (get chased as well), move blocks
– You’ll also encounter a silhouette from time to time that hints at both where to go through the island and ruins of a forgotten civilization
– No dialogue (at least in the first chapter)
– The kid has a voice that doesn’t speak in a particular language
– Press the “shout” button to scare a boar, activate an object, etc.
– Shout button also makes the kid hum

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