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New Super Neptunia RPG update out now

Posted on July 20, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Super Neptunia RPG

A new update has gone live for Super Neptunia RPG on Switch. In addition to many fixes, a number of improvements have been implemented.

Below are the full patch notes:


  •  Fixed an issue in Planeptune Sea where the air bubble would stay on screen when a character would be defeated
  •  Fixed animations for some cut scenes
  •  Improved transitions in some cut-scenes


  • Fixed an issue where the game could freeze on the title screen
  • Fixed an issue where users had to load a save after losing a fight
  • Improved the Save and Load menu
  • Improvements to item usage during battle


  • Fixed sound issues in the inventory menu
  • Fixed issues where incorrect sound effects would play
  • Fixed issues where incorrect background music would play under certain conditions
  • Improved the transition between towns and maps


  • Fixed an issue where some monsters would not show on the dungeon maps
  • Fixed an issue where the quest pop-up would stay on screen
  • Fixed an issue where using an object just before the end of a fight would count but have no effect
  • Fixed an issue where an item could not be bought with the collected gems
  • Fixed some graphical issues
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not progress after accepting a quest
  • Improvements on the battle system
  • Improved on the balance for some skills


  • Fixed some issues with localization
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong information would be displayed in the equipment menu
  • Fixed an issue when changing between languages while in game
  • Fixed an issue where only part of the crystal name would be displayed on the world map
  • Fixed issues with dialogue when selecting quests
  • Fixed an issue where an icon would turn blank in some conditions
  • Improved the Break Attack gauge
  • Improved the quest log


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