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New Trials Rising update out now

Posted on July 6, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Trials Rising

This week, Ubisoft issued a new update for Trials Rising. The team has implemented a bunch of fixes and improvements relating to online multiplayer, the track editor, and more.

Below are the full patch notes:


  • [All Platforms] Improvements to event tracking

Online Multiplayer

  • [All Platforms] Improvements to results screen after redirect from viewing a player profile
  • [All Platforms] Improvements to flow for users who leave or are disconnected during a match
  • [All Platforms] Improved handling of ties during matches

Party Mode (Local Multiplayer)

  • [All Platforms] Fix for extra modifiers that could be added when applying modifiers to all tracks
  • [All Platforms] Fix for bikes being locked if guest account hasn’t unlocked any bikes

Leaderboards & Replays<

  • [All Platforms] Redirect improvements for various leaderboards
  • [All Platforms] Fixed a sync issue between the leaderboards & replays on the Trials Wars skill game

Track Editor

  • [All Platforms] Fixed missing “tool tip” information
  • [All Platforms] Fix for crash caused by faulting more than 500 times while testing a track
  • [All Platforms] Fix for driveline count not updating when switching between multi-lane and single lane game modes in track settings
  • [All Platforms] Fix for a crash that could occur if bike is changed while the rider is selected

Track Central

  • [All Platforms] UI Improvements
  • [All Platforms] Improved support for custom feeds
  • [All Platforms] Improvements to “Play Later” feed
  • [All Platforms] Fix for cut-off text in some localizations
  • [All Platforms] “Next Medal” information displayed during loading screen
  • [All Platforms] Improvements to redirect between various Track Central screens
  • [PC, Switch] Fixed redirect after deleting a downloaded track


  • [All Platforms] Fixes for text spill that could occur in player profile
  • [All Platforms] Improvements to player profile camera
  • [All Platforms] Fixed corrupted subtitles when switching between languages with different characters
  • [All Platforms] Fixed loading issue when inspecting items in player profile from Private MP results screen


  • [All Platforms] Improvements to Shopping Cart sounds
  • [All Platforms] Improvements to menu sounds in Track Central


  • [All Platforms] Fix for distance calculations not working properly if the driveline overlaps itself (Out of Control skill game)
  • [All Platforms] Fix to address broken physics that could occur in a track when restarting after viewing a replay


  • [All Platforms] Improvements to challenger contracts completion flow


  • [All Platforms] Added a timeout when failing to connect to Ubisoft Club
  • [All Platforms] Fixed exploit for “no lean” contracts & challenges using Tandem Bike
  • [All Platforms] Improved positioning of bikes in the Garage


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