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Nintendo compares the original Zelda to Breath of the Wild

Posted on October 25, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in Screenshots, Switch, Wii U

Nintendo is going back to Zelda’s roots with Breath of the Wild. Today, the company issued a new post on its Japanese website to show how its new Switch / Wii U game compares in some aspects to the original.

Nintendo prepared four different comparisons. They’re as follows:

– Old man: found right away in the original game and in Breath of the Wild; gives you a sword in the original Zelda, but nothing in Breath of the Wild; in Breath of the Wild you have to manage weapons yourself such as by stealing them from enemies
– Spectacle Rock: two rocks form the shape of glasses in both games, but it now looks more like a mountain than just a rock in Breath of the Wild
– Raft: used to navigate water in the original Zelda, also in Breath of the Wild by using the Korok Leaf; it’s an important tool in very cold rivers that you can’t swim in
– Skull shape: shape of a skull appears in Zelda’s final dungeon and in a certain enemy hideout in Breath of the Wild; in Breath of the Wild, you can even use the skull shape to your advantage by having the lantern inside one of the skull eyes to fall, cause an explosion, and instantly wipe out the enemies inside

Here are the four comparison shots:


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