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[Nintendo Everything Podcast] – episode #35 – New Super Mario Maker U RPG: Mariovania 2.5D

Posted on June 30, 2019 by (@Oni_Dino) in Podcast

Hello my beautiful Mario and Luigi makers! Super Mario Maker 2 is out this week so let’s chat! Takashi Tezuka has given us some pearls of info to muse on. Galen and Oni have a running argument on autorunner levels. The gang also discusses what Nintendo does with the future of Mario 2D side-scroller platformers as stand alone titles. Oni thinks they need to go a totally new direction, and he has THE BEST ideas. Nintendo, please check these out. They’re free. Oni and Galen have basically acted as creative producer on this and workshopped ‘em.

Oni and Galen then blab on about some new info on an upgraded Switch model, and consider things not only from a consumer standpoint, but from a developer’s burden point of view, as well. We muse on the big questions like, “Is the inevitable Switch model going to be a small bump or a huge leap so it can at least hold its own against the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett?” Galen brings up marketing and aiming at different markets, while Oni fights back with discussions of the slippery slope effect that the Switch could lose 3rd party support.

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  • 02:42 – Adventure Log: Mario games in local co-op!
  • 10:14 – Super Mario Maker 2 launches, exciting levels already created, Takashi Tezuka reveals a bunch on the development behind the game, influenced by fan creations. What’s next for Mario mainline games in the future? 2.5D, Mario Vehicles, Mariovania, Mario Tactics RPG?
  • 33:01 – Switch hardware revision talk resurfaces. Switch Mini, Switch Pro? Switch Boy, Switch Girl? Overclocking GPU, CPU and RAM in hacked Switches. What Oni and Galen want. 3rd party support slippery slope.
  • 54:15 – Additional DLC
  • 56:55 – Listener Mail: Favorites from E3 – Super Crush KO and Luigi’s Mansion 3

Additional DLC

  • Inventory UX Design by Design Doc
  • James Veitch – Comedian

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