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Nintendo hardware sales surpass 700 million units total

Posted on August 13, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Nintendo’s latest financial report reveals the latest milestone for hardware sales. Across all of its systems released since the NES, a total of 727.65 million units have been sold.

Handhelds account for a majority of Nintendo’s sales at 427.11 million. Home consoles follow at 300.54 million.

Here’s the breakdown by platform:

Nintendo Home Console Sales (all numbers in millions)
NES – 61.91
SNES – 49.10
N64 – 32.93
GameCube – 21.74
Wii – 101.63
Wii U – 13.56
Switch – 19.67
Total: 300.54 million

Nintendo Handheld Sales (all numbers in millions)
Game Boy – 118.69 (includes Color)
Game Boy Advance – 81.51
DS – 154.02
3DS – 72.89
Total: 427.11 million

The DS was Nintendo’s highest selling hardware at 154.02 million, accounting for 21.16% of sales. The lowest was Wii U with 13.56 million at just 1.86%. GameCube had the best attach rate (9.5), and Nintendo has sold an average of 20.7 million units of hardware every year since 1983.

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