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Nintendo Voice Chat podcast summary

Posted on June 22, 2010 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, DS, News, Wii


– Nintendo had a really awesome showing
– Peer thinks a bunch of people were disappointed with the Zelda showing
– Peer, Craig think Nintendo had the best conference at E3
– Nintendo skipped the Vitality Sensor entirely
– Miyamoto confirmed to IGN that Pikmin 3 is for Wii

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

– Craig talked to Miyamoto/Aonuma, they rehearsed the Zelda portion numerous times, they didn’t take into account cameras/infrared lights
– Controls on the show floor were fine
– Peer not super positive on Zelda yet
– Peer noticed Skyward Sword’s controls weren’t completely accurate
– E3 area won’t be in the final game
– Nintendo wanted to include more puzzles in the Zelda demo
– Craig likes that you need to look at your enemies and figure out how to defeat them
– All we saw was a sandbox of concepts
– It will come out next year
– Nintendo showed a lot of items
– Beetle is cool, Craig says it’s like Avatar on Wii, which uses MotionPlus to control a bug and fly around
– No doubt Zelda will come out really well, but as a E3 demo and “wowing” you, it was kind of flat

Kirby: Epic Yarn

– In terms of visuals, it’s amazing
– Inspired by a Japanese commercial that Nintendo did for NES
– Enemies explode into little strings when you defeat them
– Gameplay-wise, it’s fun but Craig doesn’t think it was doing too much different in a platformer
– Can rip the fabric and go underneath


– Peer thinks the show will be remembered for the 3DS
– The Ocarina of Time 3D screenshots were put up before the official announcement
– The 3D works
– The graphics are great
– Craig is convinced that the 3D portion of the system was added at the last minute
– Nintendo showed 3 trailers of 3D movies that can be played on 3DS
– Nintendo needs to get media storage right
– Craig likes the idea of having “bark mode” built into the system rather than specific games
– Seems likely Sharp is supplying the 3D screen: When Craig was doing a feature at Nintendo’s booth, he saw businessmen come out of a door with Sharp badges
– 18 NES/SNES games shown for Classic Games on 3DS
– A lot of the demos were showing cool things
– Metal Gear looked really pretty
– Craig says the 3D effect wasn’t that great for Resident Evil
– Some of the Nintendo reps were saying that they ran out of time, still experimenting with 3D
– There was a second Kid Icarus video that showed gameplay
– Craig hated Ridge Racer, poor use of 3D, car was popping out of the screen and was detached from the road
– Japanese teams have had more time with the 3DS than western devs
– DJ hero worked well, but it didn’t use 3D much, good use of the touch screen
– None of the colors shown at E3 are official
– 3D in Steel Diver was great, though it’s not a great piece of software to show at E3, Miyamoto is really proud about it

Donkey Kong Country Returns

– Craig thought it seemed perfect for the 3DS, but Retro said they’re focusing on Wii right now
– The game plays well
– Weird disconnect from Metroid Prime

GoldenEye 007

– Revisiting the idea of the story/nods to the original, everything else is completely different
– Eurocom has learned Wii tech/story-telling from Dead Space Extraction, are applying it to GoldenEye
– Doesn’t take long to get used to the controls, Peer used the Classic Controller


– Craig loved it
– Quick to pick up and play

Epic Mickey

– Was Craig’s selection for Wii Game of the Show
– Hasn’t been addressed why Mickey is dripping

Reader questions

– Slide pad on the 3DS feels really nice
– 3D Depth Slider
– 3DS touch screen technology same as DS

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