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No More Heroes 3 details and screenshots – characters, Call of Battle, Retry Roulette, Death Slow, missions, collaborations

Posted on July 26, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

No More Heroes 3

Grasshopper Manufacture has readied a new batch of details and screenshots for No More Heroes 3. Today’s update covers a few characters, Call of Battle area, Retry Roulette mechanic, Death Slow power, missions, and collaborations.

Here’s the full roundup:


– Henry Cooldown (voiced by Mark Allan Stewart): Travis Touchdown’s brother
– Kimmy Love (voiced by Jennifer Hale): previously known as Kimmy Howell; she’s become a diva
– Native Dancer (voiced by Scott Kester): a mysterious ninja who challenges Travis; his ultimate move, Blast Judgement, destroys everything in its path
– Destroyman: True Face (voiced by Josh Keaton): the ultimate version of Destroyman, a recurring enemy; there’s a legion of mass-produced Destroymen to battle

Call of Battle

– Complete opposite of Perfect World
– Desolate area designed to reproduce a devastated battlefield
– Has barbed wire, buildings in ruin, and more
– Features a special CRT-style filter

Retry Roulette

– If you reach game over, you can retry or return to the motel
– Retry triggers the Retry Roulette
– You can try your luck and get various buffs based on which part of the roulette the dot stops on
– Can get buffs such as invincibility, attack power up, and more
– You can also get some “debuffs”
– If you land on Jess Baptiste VI (Goddamn Unlucky), you get to restart with your Beam Katana completely out of energy

Death Slow

– This is one of the Death Glove powers
– Creates a field of heavy gravity
– Any enemy caught inside it will see their movements slowed down considerably
– While enemies are stuck in Death Slow, you can take advantage of their slowness to heal


– Need money to enter ranked battles
– To get that money, you can tackle various missions and odd jobs
– Coast Guard: stop waves of incoming crocodiles using a tank
– Defense Mission (Shooting): defend Earth from giant space monsters
– Bike Mission: hop on your bike and teach fellow drivers about road safety


– Various collaborations t-shirts
– There will be special collaborations with indie developers and publishers (such as Devolver Digital) and with apparel brand such as glamb and FREAK


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