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No More Heroes 3 update out now (version 1.0.2), patch notes

Posted on September 30, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

no more heroes 3 update 1.0.2

Grasshopper Manufacture has issued a new 1.0.2 update for No More Heroes 3. It comes with some adjustments, a bunch of fixes, improvement in sound data quality, performance optimizations, and more.

We have the full patch notes straight from Grasshopper Manufacture. Continue on below to read more about the 1.0.2 update for No More Heroes 3.

Spec Adjustments

– Unlock conditions for the “Dragon Road” Bike Mission have been reduced; the mission is now available after achieving Silver on at least six Bike Missions instead of Gold (on six Bike Missions).
– New BGM added to the Midori Midorikawa battle and Ryuichi battle.
– Two new types of pro wrestling moves available for Travis to use against Fullface (enemy).

Bug Fixes

– Fixed bug that made progress impossible when accessing the capsule toy machine and spamming the A button.
– Fixed bug in which the game screen would freeze while loading, making progress impossible.
– Fixed bug that allowed Travis and some enemies to slip through gaps in some backgrounds and become stuck.
– Fixed bug preventing Bike Missions from starting when game language is set to Spanish or Chinese (Traditional).
– Fixed bug preventing the Deathman Card collection mission from starting when game language is set to French.
– Fixed several text-related bugs in which the displayed text was incorrect, disappeared too quickly, and/or overflowed from the text box.
– Fixed discrepancies between video, subtitles, and audio during some cutscenes.
– Fixed bug causing the screen to turn and stay black after some cutscenes or conversations during events.
– Fixed UI-related bugs preventing Killer Slash and some enemies’ health levels from being displayed properly.
– Fixed bug causing “80 Chip” vibrations to react during Adventure events.
– Fixed bugs causing some special effects to remain on screen during battles and events.
– Fixed bug causing some enemies to remain onscreen instead of disappearing after being destroyed.
– Fixed bug causing multiple SFX to overlap, and/or preventing the appropriate sounds from playing.
– Various other bug fixes.


– Color changes for Memorial (NMH2) t-shirt.
– Improvement in sound data quality.
– Performance optimizations.

All Switch players can access the No More Heroes 3 version 1.0.2 update now.


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