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Pikmin Bloom launch starts today, new details and more

Posted on October 26, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

Pikmin Bloom will begin launching on mobile devices today, Niantic and Nintendo have announced.

The app is set to go live in Australia and Singapore starting today on both iOS and Android. According to Niantic, it will follow in other countries / regions “shortly.”

Pikmin Bloom is the new mobile app made by Pokemon GO developer Niantic, which was announced in partnership with Nintendo back in March. The game involves going on daily walks to find seedlings, plucking Pikmin from seedlings after they grow, feeding them nectar and collecting their petals to plant them later on, and more.

Below are the full details straight from Niantic:

Niantic, Inc. today started the global launch of Pikmin Bloom, a smartphone app designed to bring a little joy to your everyday journeys on foot. Jointly developed by Niantic and Nintendo, Pikmin Bloom allows you to spice up your daily walks with the help of your very own squad of Pikmin. It will be available on the App Store and Google Play over the coming days.

What are Pikmin?
Pikmin are tiny, plant-like creatures that exist all around us but cannot be seen with the naked eye. Pikmin Bloom enables you to see and interact with them. Pikmin grow from seedlings, and the ones that you grow and pick will follow you around. They love nectar extracted from fruit and, when you feed them, they’ll sprout flowers atop their heads. There are lots of different types of Pikmin to encounter and interact with in Pikmin Bloom.

Walk to grow more Pikmin
The most important thing in Pikmin Bloom is your daily walk. As you walk, you’ll find Pikmin seedlings along your path, so the more you walk, the more your Pikmin squad will grow. You can then pluck Pikmin from seedlings after they grow. Walk more to make more friends with Pikmin!

Walk to make flowers bloom
Walking with your Pikmin will make flowers bloom along your path. When you feed Pikmin nectar from the various fruits you pick up in the game, beautiful flowers bloom atop their heads. Collect the petals to plant them as you walk and flowers will bloom with each and every step you take, leaving a colorful trail behind you. Watch the world come alive as you transform it to create shared trails of flowers!

Walk to log your memories
At the end of the day, you can review the number of steps you took as well as the routes you walked. You have the option to add notes and photos to your lifelog, providing a way to turn an ordinary day into a special memory. Pikmin may also bring back postcards of the places you visited, which can be saved and kept, or sent to friends in the app.

A day to walk with everyone
Pikmin Bloom will be holding a monthly Community Day event, where you can stroll, plant and play together with other players. Stay tuned for more details!

Pikmin Bloom, which is free to play, is available now on the App Store and Google Play in Australia and Singapore, and is coming to other countries and regions shortly. Please follow @PikminBloom on Twitter and @PikminBloom on Instagram for updates.

With Pikmin Bloom as your partner, you can make your daily strolls more memorable and fun. We look forward to seeing the world fill up with flowers!

A trailer showing off Pikmin Bloom can be found below. 


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