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Pokemon X and Y development details – took 3.5 years to make, over 500 staffers, more

Posted on December 26, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Game Freak director Junichi Masuda shared a whole bunch of development information about Pokemon X and Y in a new blog post. You can find a roundup of information below.

– Took roughly 3.5 years to make
– Basic concepts for the games were “beauty,” “bonds,” and “evolution”
– Developed with the idea of players “raising their Pokémon with love”

“There’s an even bigger theme to the game, however; one that I’m always thinking about when I’m directing Pokémon games, and one that I think applies to the real world: ‘Let’s create a better world together’.”

– Masuda feels that the one’s life depends on the chance encounters that they have with other people
– Encounters based on your age or interests or other factors
– These encounters shouldn’t be about fighting, but rather about making a better world together

“The titles ‘X’ and ‘Y’ come from this idea. The letters ‘X’ and ‘Y’ suggest lines on an axis. The lines of both letters head in different directions, but there’s a point at which they cross, or intersect. I used the letters with the idea of intersection in mind; the idea of the common points we share with one another, rather than our differences.”

“It took three and a half years to develop this game. Taking into account the localization groups for each language, more than five hundred people were involved in the development.”

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