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Pokemon X/Y

Owners of Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, or Alpha Sapphire can now get a Jirachi through Mystery Gift, as part of Pokémon’s 20th anniversary celebration. Jirachi cannot be obtained in the wild and is only available until April 24th. To get them, start your Pokémon game, go to Mystery Gift, then select Receive Gift, and choose Get Via Internet.


The brand new Mega Evolution special is coming out in Japan sometime this fall and a new trailer has just been released as well as a new poster for the film. It’s been rumored for a while now that a mysterious green blob-like Pokémon has been seen from the most recent Pokémon movie, Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, and just a few days ago we got a better look from a leaked CoroCoro scan of next month’s issue showing clearer images of the brand new Pokémon. Now, however, in this brand new trailer, we get to finally see what it looks like in motion!

Check out the new trailer for the upcoming special below:

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen drawings of what seemed to be a new Pokémon fans spotted while attending Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages in theaters in Japan. Though we couldn’t make out what it was, one similarity showed that it seemed to be that a of a blob. Last week, we got an even better look at the new Pokémon, getting a more detailed visual with colors. Now, it seeems CoroCoro is ready to unveil this new mysterious Pokémon in the upcoming issue.

Though the issue doesn’t elaborate further on the new Pokémon outside of the photos, it’s nice to get a clearer look at what’s been teased for so long now. The new Pokémon is expected to be seen in full in Pokémon The Movie XY when it releases sometime next year. The full page from the CoroCoro leak can be seen below:




The Pokemon Company has confirmed that Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages is coming to western shores. Check out the debut English video below, along with the official announcement.

Not too long after Pokémon’s sixth generation, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, released back in 2013, fans who are also modders/hackers wasted no time trying to data mine what they could from the new entries into the series. They did not come out empty handed. One of the Pokémon revealed when all of this went down? Hoopa.

Though at the time it was simply its normal form we knew about (also known as Hoopa Confined), it wasn’t until the third generation remakes came along where we found out that Hoopa could transform into a much more powerful version of itself – Hoopa Unbound.

Fast-forward years later to January 2015 when CoroCoro officially revealed Pokémon #720 from its February 2015 issue, also listing that it’d be starring in its own movie, The Archdjinni of the Rings: Hoopa, slated for release this July in Japan.

Hit that fast-forward button one more time to today, where CoroCoro officially revealed its Unbound form that we’ve known about for a while now. Hoopa Unbound is VERY powerful, let it be known. How Hoopa Unbound works is once you’ve obtained the Prison Bottle – which is obtainable simply by walking into a PokéMart with Hoopa in your party – have Hoopa hold it, and watch the magic happen in battle as it transforms into its Unbound form. After three days, it will revert back to its confined form. If you can’t wait three days, simply drop it in the PC and it’ll be back to good ol’ Confined Hoopa.

I’ve used Hoopa Unbound, and it’s legitimately terrifying what it’s capable of. Its signature move is Hyperspace Fury, which is just as mental as it sounds. Being both Psychic and Dark type, the only types Hoopa’s Unbound form is weak against are Bug and Fairy. You guys better start training your Klefki’s and Wurmple’s to put up with this one.



From September 13th through to October 14th, Japanese Pokemon X & Y players will be able to download a special shiny Gengar as part of their “White Gengar” Halloween promotion. It will come in a Dusk Ball holding a Gengarite and have the moves Shadow Ball, Sludge Wave (exclusive to this event), Confuse Ray and Astonish.


In case you missed the news that European Pokemon X/Y owners will get a special Poke Ball Pattern Vivillion, here is a tweet just for you.


Coming from Nat Geo magazine, it looks like 2 more special events are set to be released in Pokemon X and Y in North America. First, from August 13th – September 17th, a Heracross or Pinsir will be available for download to either an X or Y cart through  the Internet Mystery Gift. Additionally, from August 18th – 31st at participating Gamestop stores, you’ll be able to receive a special code for a Hercronite or Pinsirite Mega Stone.


Game Freak director Junichi Masuda shared a whole bunch of development information about Pokemon X and Y in a new blog post. You can find a roundup of information below.

– Took roughly 3.5 years to make
– Basic concepts for the games were “beauty,” “bonds,” and “evolution”
– Developed with the idea of players “raising their Pokémon with love”

“There’s an even bigger theme to the game, however; one that I’m always thinking about when I’m directing Pokémon games, and one that I think applies to the real world: ‘Let’s create a better world together’.”

– Masuda feels that the one’s life depends on the chance encounters that they have with other people
– Encounters based on your age or interests or other factors
– These encounters shouldn’t be about fighting, but rather about making a better world together

“The titles ‘X’ and ‘Y’ come from this idea. The letters ‘X’ and ‘Y’ suggest lines on an axis. The lines of both letters head in different directions, but there’s a point at which they cross, or intersect. I used the letters with the idea of intersection in mind; the idea of the common points we share with one another, rather than our differences.”

“It took three and a half years to develop this game. Taking into account the localization groups for each language, more than five hundred people were involved in the development.”

Source, Via

Consumers in Japan can now purchase a set of playing cards based on Pokemon X/Y. The deck features creatures such as Xerneas, Yveltal, and final forms of the starter Pokemon. Pricing is set at 525 yen.


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