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Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition out now (version 1.0.13), patch notes

Posted on August 9, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Prison Architect

A sizable update for Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition has gone live. If you own the game, version 1.0.13 can be accessed now.

While it doesn’t include new features, the latest update contains a massive amount of fixes. The full patch notes can be read below. 

Second Chances fixes:

  • The Shop Counter in the Quick Build Bakery is in the wrong position.
  • Display Counter’s sprites are appearing incorrectly during placement.
  • Prisoners drop ingredients when their shift at the Restaurant ends.
  • Completing the “Three Strikes Program” does not grant prisoners with “Work Experience”.
  • Prisoners are petting dogs before “Animal Therapy” starts.
  • A “Required:” text for the Bakery Room is missing.
  • Restaurant and Bakery play customer sounds even if the rooms are empty.
  • “Conflict Resolution” teacher’s head is placed incorrectly.
  • Some objects required for Canteen and Kitchen can’t be placed outdoor.
  • Display counter is incorrectly rotated.
  • Delinquents are not showing on the “Three Strikes Program” if the Program begins right after the previous one.
  • Prisoners leave the Three Strikes Program after saving and loading the game.
  • Customers are not served and are placed incorrectly after the Diner Booth they are sitting at is moved
  • Shared objects between Kitchen and Restaurant will fulfil room requirements but cause odd behaviour.
  • “Reform” window can be opened an infinite number of times.
  • Intake Arrival time can be set over 24 hours.
  • Therapy Animal Container will get teleported to the Animal Therapist.
  • The prisoner picks up a new dog after Prisoner Search during Animal Therapy.

Other fixes:

  • Bureaucracies are no longer being researched simultaneously by different staff members.
  • Player can access Prisoner Wages page without having an Accountant.
  • Bureaucracy isn’t researched in the order it’s queued.
  • Reset Criteria button does not reset Adjustment Criteria in Reports menu.
  • Satisfying Recreation need while working in the Flower Garden is not indicated in the Reports > Needs tab.
  • Guard Tower stair overlapped sniper head sprite.
  • Amount of money that Prisoners earn for their work is halved in the “Total Prisoner Wages” description.
  • Riot Police and Paramedics can be commanded to move out from their respective vehicle before the vehicle stopped moving.
  • Psych Ward contraband is available without the DLC enabled.
  • Game freezes after multiple field creation requests.
  • Prisoners facing north direction when using the weight bench will be under the weight bench.
  • Game crashes if execution is scheduled and a Prisoner is in the Reception Room.
  • Reform Program History overlap with prison served timeline if there’s more than 6 Reform Program.
  • Prisoners earn money while working in the Flower Garden, even if the Prison Labour option is locked.
  • In the Reform tab, the “Reformed Prisoner Consultation” program is described as an advanced program.
  • Prisoners go to work in farming fields despite being assigned to work in the forestry.
  • Prisoners’ heads are separated from their bodies when they sit facing North.
  • Map Settings Uniform Colours not being applied once set.
  • Staff Wage pay raise is not constant for 10%.
  • Lower parts of visitors’ heads are cut off.
  • Danger text is coloured in green.
  • “Total” value in Finance tab moves up as scrollbar goes down.
  • Guards operating sorting desks are facing the wrong way.
  • Quick clone allows wall lights to be placed internally.
  • Vegetables are not stored on Pantry Shelves and in the Fridges.
  • Civilian Customers spawn just to beeline for the exit.
  • The head of the sleeping prisoner is shifted on the bed.
  • Camera does not follow selected room in Crop Distribution.
  • Clicking on the polaroid causes a crash, if a “Shakedown” option is active.
  • “Random” in the “Choose Guard Dogs” tab does not work if DLC “Psych Ward” is disabled.
  • In the Reform tab, the “Solar Panel Development” program is described as it was an advanced program.
  • Enlarging the “Valuation” menu causes its text to overflow out of the menu window.
  • Prisoners with active Punishments go to the Flower Garden during a FreeTime schedule.
  • Cook Operating a Sink is overlapped by a Food Tray.
  • Prisoners that are checking their stashed “Booze Bags” cannot move.
  • Books laying on the bed are z-fighting when zooming in and out.
  • Missing information about requirements for unlocking Crop Distribution.
  • A “Crop Sprinkler” can not be placed on the field, if a wall stands in its work area.
  • Practice Solar Panel progression speed remains the same on different game speed ups.
  • Players can instantly complete a Tool Cleanup Grant by saving and loading the game.
  • The laundry baskets are delivered before the Laundry room from the “Quick Build” tab is finished.
  • Canceling building two connected Quick Build Rooms cause the connected wall to be made of Bricks instead of a chosen material.
  • Classrooms and Common Room at “The Work Fields” pre-made map has got Staff Doors as entrances.
  • Stepping Stones always use default sprites instead of what players choose.
  • Prisoners get stuck between Topiary Bushes while they are released or trying to escape.
  • Prisoners heads and clothes overlap on bunk beds.
  • Wind Turbine blades don’t move with the rest of the wind turbine when using the Move action.
  • Connecting Transformer to Power Station resets Current Power Output.
  • Options disappearing after resizing UI.
  • The workman icon is displayed in the “Jobs” window for farmers’ fertiliser-based jobs.
  • Task of moving crops to a field have incorrect staff icons in the Jobs tab.
  • During Strike/Riot on the Todo list is a note about cancelled Intake.
  • The Phone Taps are not connected with the Phone Booths on the Premade Prison “Green Power Plant: Going Green”.
  • A status “Locked” is not showing after highlighting a “Narcotic Search” option.
  • Incorrect disconnection warning for the Scanning Machine if the Scanner Monitor is connected.


  • [Multiplayer] Client de-syncs after using cheat spawn.
  • [Multiplayer] Tall fridges and cookers lose their electrical cables on the Client’s side when the Host moves them.
  • [Multiplayer] The client information about Qualified Prisoners is not updated immediately in multiplayer.
  • [Multiplayer] The Director’s prompt call is only displayed to the host in multiplayer.
  • [Multiplayer] When the Client is building objects on a map amount of delivered objects will be not the same as the number of ordered objects.
  • [Multiplayer] Incorrect age in the character’s menu in multiplayer.
  • [Multiplayer] Holding cell doesn’t count in Basic Detention Centre Grant at the Client’s side.
  • [Multiplayer] Clearing a room causes the Client to still see the name of the Room on the map.
  • [Multiplayer] Changing prisoner arrival time on the Client’s side makes the timer go backwards.
  • [Multiplayer] Clients are unable to connect to sessions that are hosted.
  • [Multiplayer] Expanding prison map in multiplayer not working as intended.
  • [Multiplayer] % don’t appear (or change) on a Client’s screen in multiplayer.

Escape Mode:

  • [Escape Mode] Dogs from DLC GM do not have their graphic in Escape Mode Victims.
  • [Escape Mode] Destroying door servo causes remote doors unable to open and guards cannot enter the cells at all. It also causes constant triggers to guards.
  • [Escape Mode] Guards will not drop keys at all.
  • [Escape Mode] Recruited Prisoners push players if too many of them were recruited.

Localisation fixes:

  • “Staff” text overflows when adjusting its window size.
  • Text Overlappings in staff needs menu.
  • Text too long where it exceeds the prisoner profile menu size.
  • Text in prisoner profile experience overlaps with bars.
  • “Allow transfer” text overlapping on prisoner UI image in Transfers tab.
  • Parole Cutoff Policy “Adjust Cutoff” text being overlapped by adjuster arrows.
  • Parole Cutoff Policy “%” and bracket texts are overlapping on each other.
  • Prisoner Intake’s Countdown timer is overlapping with other text in the Todo List in certain languages.
  • All Prisoner Wages text overlapping on the “Decrease” button.
  • X displaying in the line “Criteria above to be met” in certain languages.
  • X displaying hours in Total time played.
  • Other localization fixes, including translations and text overlapping in various menus.

Known Issues:

  • The water landscape does not complete its function when replacing the floor.
  • Gardeners not performing the ‘Garden Outdoor Area’ action in Yards, Deliveries, Garbage and Flower Garden Room.
  • Drinks count as contraband instead of luxuries.
  • The CEO calls with the instructions about the Second Chances DLC, even if it is not active when using a premade map.
  • The number of guards hired stops at 99 in the Staff menu.
  • New Contraband is available even if the Second Chances DLC is disabled.
  • Plates on the Dining Table turn invisible.
  • Food waste which is a product of expired harvest is not collected in the Recycling Bin or the Compost Bin.


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