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Project Winter gains major content update, patch notes

Posted on September 22, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Project Winter Balance of Power update

Project Winter, the eight person social deception survival game, has released a free content update on Switch.

Starting today, players can access new craftable items. These include Smoke Bombs, “chilling explosives not only create a poof of smoke to obscure vision but also rapidly reduce survivors’ warmth.” Also included are the show shoes that eliminate traces of footprints and the loud crunch of snow-steps while also providing increased movement speed for a short time. Finally, the Sound Emitter sends out audio clips over a short amount of time and a very long distance before eventually self-destructing.

That’s actually not all, as UI changes, the removal of the ability to see characters who voted in the exile booth, increased max number of roles in matches, quality of life improvements, and more are included. You can find the full patch notes for today’s Project Winter update below.



Disguise Kit

  • A single-use item that functions similarly to the “Swap Clothes” mechanic. This item allows players to disguise themselves as another player regardless of their status as living or dead. The disguise lasts for a limited amount of time, and consumes the kit when used. This item can be crafted at the Crafting Table.
  • This item provides opportunities for Traitors (or cheeky survivors) to shift the blame to other players while committing traitorous acts. This item doubles as a source of security of being caught sabotaging or killing others, as players will not see the actual clothing of the person committing the crime.

Snow Shoes

  • A single-use item that removes their snow trail and footstep audio. These effects last for a short amount of time before wearing off. This item can be crafted by Traitors at the Crafting Table.
  • This item opens up more stealth strategies for traitors. Allowing traitors to sneak into objectives and steal parts without a trail, and making quick getaways if they’re caught.

Ice Bomb

  • A single-use item similar to the Smoke Bomb that creates a cloud of icy smoke upon use. When activated, the icy smoke will cause players to lose warmth rapidly when standing in Ice Bomb’s radius. It can be used from the hand, as a trap, or thrown. This item can be crafted at the Crafting Table.
  • The Ice Bomb offers a unique opportunity that many other items do not. It provides Traitors a way to prevent survivors from entering an area, or deterring them from attacking for an extended amount of time, where traditional traps are removed after activation.

Sound Emitter

  • A single-use item that emits audio clips over a short amount of time before the item self-destructs. This item is placed like a trap, and will play suspicious audio cues that players can hear from quite a distance.
  • This item aims to provide a way for Traitors to distract or lure survivors away from their current objective and either sidetrack or Ambush.


  • Added Dig site and Animal wave as possible first objectives
  • Increased the max amount of roles that can be in matches
    • Defector
      • Min: 0 ; Max: 2
      • Old Min: 0 ; Max: 1
    • Scout
      • Min: 0 ; Max: 3
      • Old Min: 0 ; Max: 2
    • Tracker
      • Min: 0 ; Max: 3


  • [PC/Win10] Removed the ability to see players who have voted in the exile booth
  • Increased social rate and radius for Traitor Credits
  • Added Left Trigger on controllers to transfer entire stacks
  • General UI Changes
  • Improve Switch Region button


  • “Possible Primary Objective” menu does not appear in the “Blackout Preset Settings” for Custom games (Animal wave will not spawn)
  • Snowshoes appear misaligned with players feet when used
  •  Snowshoe model will disappear when a Disguise Kit expires but the effects will remain active
  • User unable to save custom preset with private Steam profile
  • Players are unable to switch items if they have the Disguise Kit wheel menu opened during a Solar Flare event
  • Second objective can be labelled as Stockpile or Smoke Signals but appear as a Repair Console
  • Disguise Kit timer appears red with every use after the first
  • No beacon appears for the Animal Wave first objective after approaching the Map Board


  • [Switch] Game crashes when player attempts to Snowball Fight
  • Held items lack tooltips when the player mouses over them in the inventory
  • Lobby Voice text in Settings Menu is not translated in any language
  • Pickup hand icon for items doesn’t appear next to button prompt
  • [Switch] Cloned players are able to send a message to the chat if they were typing it prior to being cloned
  • [Switch] Clones are able to use the emote wheel
  • Players are unable to enter Warmth Cave
  • Colored radio chat text is overlapping regular chat text
  • Players with non-profane names will be censored if a player with profanity in their name joins
  • Tracker Player can get stuck when placing a trap on an object and their ability finishes charging
  • User is unable to use right Joy-Con face buttons after attaching/detaching the controllers
  • Default custom mode settings will appear as Selected Preset: None when selecting the Custom mode for the first time in the session
  • Survivor can be converted by Whisperer upon boarding the escape vehicle
  • Selected Preset labeled as NONE when viewing or editing a preset on the custom Preset menu
  • Localizations don’t updated properly for Custom Only Role descriptions in the Custom Settings.
  • Inventory Management has a different text font in German in the controller menu
  • [Switch] Game crashes if started without an internet connection
  • Collision issues with rocks allowing players to walk in the air
  • Collision issues with rocks near Polar Point
  • Player is prompted to save a new preset when attempting to edit a previously saved Preset
  • Audio aberrations and stuttering occur when returning to game after being switched to a different tab
  • No ‘call to arms’ text or button shimmer effect when viewing a lobby region with unavailable lobbies
  • The Lazarus machine does not spawn a clone of a player and remains stuck in the respawning animation
  • Armory beacon text is very compacted/hard to read when menu appears in certain languages
  • “Use/Attack/Shoot,” text wraps to a third line when receiving the Ranged Weapon FTUE/Tutorial Tooltip in most languages
  • Basic Lobby description text overlaps the box when viewed from the lobby list
  • Player is able to enter a password protected lobby using old password
  • [Settings > Audio] Audio settings lists are not updated to reflect newly added or removed items
  • The chatbox overlaps the Show Stats Screen banner when the player is a ghost
  • Spacing issues and overlapping text occurs in the in-game Players menu if the user has more than single-digit commendations
  • Basic lobby description appears misaligned with the star icon on the Choose A Lobby screen
  • Individual player volume settings are not present in lobbies or during a match
  • Default custom settings are set to the CRIMESIGHT preset when hosting a Custom mode match
  • The vodka drunken VFX is currently not applying to the player when they are not in a building
  • The Friend’s list refreshes and unfocuses the report window when the user types “R”


New store items available at approximately 11:30AM EST


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