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Project Winter Power Balance: Vol 2 update out now, patch notes

Posted on November 18, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

A new Power Balance: Vol 2 update has gone live for Project Winter, and it’s out now on Switch.

The patch completely reworks the Traitor role, adding two new sub-roles while promising holiday-themed breakables for future community challenges. It also includes new roles, bug fixes, and more.

The patch notes for the Project Winter Power Balance: Vol 2 update are as follows:



Physical Buffs are given to traitors on certain actions

  • Traitors gain physical Stat Buffs from trapping objects or objectives and sabotaging objectives
  • Traitors gain increases to warmth and hunger for every 10 social credits they earn.

Traitors are rewarded information by staying near survivors

  • An information wheel is added to the UI above a players head. This wheel fills up like proximity credits. Once full it will reveal a players health bar. Filling it again will reveal the players role.

Traitors can view objective repair status from outside the objective

  • After interacting with an Objective, Traitors will see the required parts and the amount already in the objective above the objective.

Traitors can speed up the “death timer” on downed players

  • A new “Bleed” option appears when approaching downed players.
  • Using this action speeds up the death timer by 4x while the action is being held.

Traitors can sabotage the cabin map board

  • Sabotaging the map board will add additional possible secondary objective locations.



  • A new Blackout Traitor role focused on deception and sticking with a group. The Necromancer gains an increase in Health, Warmth and Hunger when near Survivors. The Necromancer can resurrect dead players to convert them into their ranks.


  • A new base game Survivor role, The Immune suffers no effects from most global events.


  • Moved Blackout Dig Site locations further from Cabin and Hatches
  • Added Dig Site and Animal Waves to Custom Mode option menu
  • Adjusted report warning to only prompt after receiving 3 reports
  • Increased the amount of Animals that spawn for Animal Wave First Objective
  • Increased the “Hold Time” for Animal Wave First Objective
  • Moved Animal Wave First Objective animal spawns closer to objective locations
  • Adjusted the amount of items found in opened bunkers, and bunkers near cabin


  • Multiple players activating beacon on armory at the same time can trigger consecutive notifications
  • Traitor crates spawning little to no items when someone disconnects at beginning of match
  • No circle appears after digging up a repair piece for the Digsite objective in Blackout


  • Fixed Host becomes stuck in place and can’t control character when a player disconnects
  • Fixed instances where battery disappears for other players when a player’s disguise kit expires while they are carrying that battery
  • Fixed issue where T-posing of bodies could occur under certain situations when swapping clothes
  • Fixed issue where players would have broken input if the Disguise Kit menu was open during Solar Flare or Mass Hysteria events
  • Reduced task timer for first objective of animal wave in Blackout to be consistent with other first objectives.
  • Changed the location popup to “The Power Station”; it was previously “Distress Beacon”.
  • Fix location label for Blackout power generator objective that is repaired using an animal wave console.
  • Fix inability to change in-game text chat channel via button press after unequipping a radio while the radio text chat tab is selected and then equipping a radio again.
  • Fixed Users will not receive text messages sent in the lobby’s text chat while they are on a different tab on the main menu
  • Fixed the microphone icon to be on correct side
  • Improved custom save function to avoid overwriting presets by name without using the dupe function.
  • Changed custom game setting screen to have the save button always active. No reason to keep the player from saving if they still have room in the presets list.
  • Aligned snowshoes a bit better on player feet.
  • Adjusted snowshoe position slightly for less clipping into the ground
  • Fixed animal agro for both Solar Flare and Hysteria events
  • Prevented ghosts from experiencing any Themed Solar Flare animations
  • Fix for Ghillie jackets from showing in inventory
  • Fixed No notification appears when the player completes an objective
  • Fixed cursor jumps to the bottom of the recommended presets list when navigating up through custom presets with a controller
  • Adjusted digsite locations so 4 parts are capable of spawning
  • Fixed Animal Wave Spawn locations on the crater tile to prevent animals from spawning inside walls
  • Fixed issue blackout digsite locations showing the wrong tile
  • Fixed issue where Disguise Kit was free in Traitor Crates
  • Adjust digsite locations so they show the correct compass location from all directions
  • Santa jacket (Standard male, Standard Female, Large male)
  • Fixed clipping issue with Plague Doctor Crucifix (standard female rig) and Cross belt
  • Fixed Steam deck will crash when player attempts to use the left joystick in the main menu
  • Fixed instances where the mini-map will show the wrong tile when approaching the dig site from the centre tile on the Blackout map
  • Fixed instance when all players experience a soft lock when a player disconnects as a Global event starts
  • Fixed cursor disappears temporarily after saving changes to a custom preset
  • Player’s body will remain disguised when disconnecting while the Disguise Kit is active
  • A dead player is given a disguised player’s fake name permanently instead of the original player’s name when clothes are switched
  • Fixed general Spanish translations
  • Fixed general Canadian French translations
  • Fixed backpack straps clip through “Steampunk” jackets
  • Fixed character model will have a square hair when wearing a hat or a bald head without a hat when the user equips a Ghillie Jacket and a Wild Cape
  • Fixed Some of the Eyewear clip through Military Gas Mask
  • Fixed Fur on Santa’s jacket clips into Plague Doctor’s Crucifix

And here’s a trailer:

Project Winter is currently available on the Switch eShop, and the Power Balance: Vol 2 update is out now.


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