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Project Winter “Speak the Truth” update out now, patch notes

Posted on February 9, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Project Winter Speak the Truth update

Other Ocean Interactive is still toying away on Project Winter, and has just come through with a new “Speak the Truth” update.

One of the major aspects is here is that ToxMod has been implemented for voice moderation. Plenty of balance adjustments and bug fixes are live as well.

The full patch notes for the Project Winter “Speak the Truth” update are as follows:



  • We’ve partnered with Modulate to test their voice moderation software called ToxMod.
  • ToxMod works by analyzing voice chat audio in-game. You can think of it as an unbiased additional player in your lobby, looking out for and reporting toxic incidents. If it detects toxic activity, it flags it as such and sends that audio to us in a report. ToxMod allows us to listen back to flagged audio in a game without having a player record it themselves. Other Ocean and Modulate both take player privacy seriously – any audio from survivors will be anonymized and automatically deleted after 30 days.
  • ToxMod is not an automatic banning system; nothing will change about the way we enforce our Community Guidelines. You will not be banned for swearing or for friendly banter with your friends. We will continue to manually review each case, carefully consider the context, and investigate before taking any action.

Timeline Refresh

  • We’ve refreshed and updated the Timeline screen to display the time and location of match events.
  • This will allow players to view which areas of the map saw the most action, and get a better picture of what happened across the whole map.


Traitor Crates

  1. Adjusted Traitor crates so that they no longer guarantee a poisoned crossbow. Adjusted Traitor crates so that they no longer guarantee a poisoned crossbow.
    1. Poisoned crossbows have a ~50% chance of spawning in any Traitor crate.
  2. Removed Normal Crossbows from Traitor Crates.
  3. Adjusted spawn rate of level 2 energy drinks in non-cabin tile Traitor Crates.
    1. New values are approximately:
      1. Vodka 40%.
      2. Level 1 Drink 55%.
      3. Level 2 Drink 5%.
  4. Increased the number of traps and utility items found in Traitor Crates.


  1. Increased the difficulty of Blackout Animal Waves Objective.
  2. Increased the minimum required “Repair Resources” for “Repair” first objectives by 2.
  3. Moved Blackout Wave Console further away from Main Objective to allow for better animal pathfinding.

Weapon Balance

  1. Increased the maximum damage of the shotgun to 420 instead of 375.
    1. 84×5 (84 damage per shot, with 5 shots per click).
  2. Slightly decreased the amount of gun parts that spawn in the Armory .
  3. When aiming the shotgun, the player’s FOV will slightly decrease.
  4. Added damage scaling based on distance to the Bolt Action Rifle. Using the rifle in close range will result in less damage.
    1. Extreme close range will deal scaled damage to approximately 200.
    2. Damage quickly scales up to a maximum damage of 400.


  1. Adjusted Open Bunker loot tables to greatly decrease the chance of crossbows spawning.
  2. Increased the Immune’s base ability charge time from 5 minutes to 6 minutes.
  3. Decreased the amount of survival items found in bunkers.
  4. Decreased the probability of a Remote Sabotager to spawn in Traitor Airdrops.
  5. Added the ability to trap Blackout Traitor Crates with Trip Wires.
  6. Prevented duplicate Traitor Items from spawning in Airdrops.


  • The Immune role is mistranslated in Canadian French.
  • Many supported languages are not updated for the new Yeti and Hunter descriptions.
  • First objective beacon is appearing on the North East tile on the Blackout map.
  • Some icons on the new timeline screen appear mirrored compared to their actual location.
  • The words “Emote Menu” appear instead of a prompt to assign a keybind in the keyboard keybinds settings.
  • Event icon remains on screen when using a Hysterical Gas or Solar Flare remote during an Airdrop Global Event.
  • Players resurrected by a Necromancer while in a herb bush will become permanently slowed.
  • The “Survive without placing any traps” bonus objective does not fail if an Icebomb is used to trap an objective.
  • Incorrect Tracker Tag color is displayed if a player swaps clothes with a player who was tagged with a green tag. 
  • DLC trials players cannot access timeline after using their DLC token


  • Added additional information to the CustomAuthenticationFailed error message to help pinpoint the origin of the error.
  • Added a temporary fix to reduce the amount of crashes on Xbox while we work on a more permanent solution.
  • Fixed bug where multiple Global Events caused console players to crash.
  • Fixed a bug causing crossbows to spawn more often than designed.
  • Fixed High Risk Crates spawning outside of the Risk Zone.
  • Fixed the F Cube.
  • Added an easter egg of the F cube to the [REDACTED].
  • Fixed the Immune being unable to use their ability after the role was stolen by the Identity Thief.
  • Fixed bug where a player could sometimes move or attack normally when rag-dolled by lightning or a landmine.
  • Fixed text overflowing the “Community Guidelines” button when language is set to Russian.
  • Fixed the Advanced button text appearing crowded and overflowing when language is set to German or Russian.
  • Fixed issue causing the Bleed timer to remain until death, even when the player is not being bled.
  • Updated the Tracker role ability description to reflect new changes.
  • Fixed the ability wheel automatically filling and being unable to be used after swapping roles to Immune while in Practice Mode.
  • Fixed “Matches Left Early” text being misaligned and spilling out of the text box on the Profile menu when the Spanish and Chinese languages are selected.
  • Fixed text overflowing on the Host button in a preset when the Greek language is selected.
  • Updated the Immune’s description after change to ability.
  • Fixed an issue causing Airdrop Global Event crates to remain after the event.
  • Fixed text overflowing on the “Reconnect” button when language is set to Ukrainian.
  • Fixed Penguin Pajama appearing as Caribou Pajama while language is set to Portuguese or CA French.

The Project Winter “Speak the Truth” update is available on Switch for everyone now.


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