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The 10 rarest amiibo figures of all time, ranked

Posted on October 8, 2023 by in Features, General Nintendo

rarest amiibo

Over the years, Nintendo has produced and released well over 150 unique amiibo figures – and may of them are now rare. At the time of writing, less than fifteen of those are readily available from retailers. Indeed, if you’re in the market for new figurines, you’ll often have no choice but to purchase them second-hand. That being said, a small chunk of those are a cut above the rest. Several amiibo figures received region-exclusive or incredibly limited prints and were never restocked again. Today, we’re going over the ten rarest amiibo that may never return to store shelves.

Rarest amiibo List

rare amiibo list

Before we begin, there’s an important note here: a few golden editions of existing Monster Hunter amiibo were produced, but never made it to store shelves at all. That’s because these were exclusive to contest winners. Since there are only a couple units of each in existence, we won’t be including them here as they likely aren’t even for sale second-hand. The amiibo we’ve listed below are ones that hit the general public at some point, no matter how small the stock was.

1. Qbby

With the above restrictions in place, Qbby is left as the single rarest amiibo there is. He was released only in Japan and exclusively with the Bye-Bye BoxBoy’s packaged version. Since Qbby never hit any other country, he often goes for well over $300 loose. Who knew the rarest amiibo would be a simple white square with dot eyes!

2. Most Monster Hunter Stories amiibo

This line of amiibo was only released in Japan. That alone ensures they go for a lot of money! Since they were produced for a previous Monster Hunter game, it’s almost certain that we’ll never see restocks for any of these figurines.

3. The Splatoon alternate colors 3-pack

Two Splatoon three-packs containing an Inkling Girl, an Inkling Squid, and an Inkling Boy were produced. The one that is not valuable contains an orange Inkling Girl, a green Inkling Squid, and a blue Inkling Boy. That one was released alongside the original Splatoon game’s launch and goes for about $20. The one that is very valuable contains a green Inkling Girl, an orange Inkling Squid, and a purple Inkling Boy. It was a one-time re-release in 2015 that received very little in terms of supply. These days, the entire three-pack goes for about $150 in perfect condition.

4. The Metroid: Samus Returns 2-pack

These figurines of Samus and a Metroid were produced exclusively as a two-pack in the United States. After they sold out, they were never produced again. Nowadays, you can’t find them for less than $150 – they’re some of the rarest amiibo out there! Don’t get these confused with the Metroid Dread Samus and E.M.M.I. amiibo figures — these two were actually overproduced and are generally sold for less than $10.

5. Pikmin

Yes, there’s an amiibo just called “Pikmin”! It was produced for the Hey! Pikmin game on the Nintendo 3DS, and it depicts all five Pikmin types at once. As you might expect, it was produced once and never again, which is why it goes for at least $70 loose. New-in-box, it costs even more.

6. Mega Yarn Yoshi

Released exclusively at Toys”R”Us in 2015, Mega Yarn Yoshi retailed for $40 and actually received a ton of stock. Unfortunately, when it sold out, it sold out. Nintendo opted to release Yoshi’s Crafted World on Switch rather than porting Yoshi’s Woolly World, which means both that game and this amiibo will likely remain swept under the rug for years to come.

7. Poochy

A lot of the rare amiibo on this list were produced during the late 3DS era, and Poochy is no exception. It was printed once for the Poochy + Yoshi’s Woolly World game and never again. Loose, it’ll be difficult to find for less than $70. New in box, it’s even more expensive.

8. Gold Mega Man

It’s hard to say whether this really counts as a true Super Smash Bros. series amiibo, but it does have the base. This was released as part of the Mega Man Legacy Collection on Nintendo 3DS – a limited edition. The box it comes in is completely blank and white, so if you see a listing with packaging like that, it’s probably legit.

9. Solaire of Astora

This one’s a little different than the others. It’s not the rarest amiibo on this list, but it has more counterfeit units than the rest of them combined. Counterfeit Solaire amiibo are usually incredibly cheap, and they have no NFC chip inside. That means they don’t work when you try to use them in-game. Be very careful when purchasing this figure second-hand!

10. Gold Mario Power-Up Band

Yes, this technically counts as an amiibo! This is a limited edition power-up band for Nintendo’s theme park, and at the time of writing it’s sold out – most likely for good. It was marketed as only having limited quantities, so the price will continue to increase for the foreseeable future.

It’s important to list the Super Smash Bros. series Joker amiibo here as an honorable mention. At the time of writing, his second-hand price is at least $70 loose. That being said, there are rumors of a Super Smash Bros. series amiibo restock, so it’s entirely possible we’ll see this figurine back in stock sometime in the future. Stay tuned for more amiibo news in the future, including the highly-anticipated Sora amiibo’s release date.

You can find Nintendo’s official amiibo website here.

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