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Rose & Camellia Collection out on Switch this month

Posted on April 3, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Rose & Camellia Collection release date

April 2: WayForward, in collaboration with Nigoro, today announced the release date for Rose & Camellia Collection. This will be available for Switch on April 16, 2024.

Rose & Camellia Collection, a one-on-one slap-fight anthology, contains five games, more than 30 characters, and all-new English voicework. For those that missed out on our previous coverage, we have more details in the following overview:

As Rose & Camellia Collection begins, young widow Reiko must prove herself worthy of leading the Tsubakikoji family by engaging in a time-honored noble pastime — a series of slap battles! This over-the-top inheritance dispute evolves into increasingly outlandish scenarios, including the “Death Queen Circuit” world tour, a battle against relentless solicitors, and a crossover with NIGORO’s La-Mulana game series. As they cross hands with muscular maids, ghoulish spirits, stone-masked enforcers, and even a hulking mecha, players will use Joy-Con motion controls or touch-screen swipes to smack some respect into their adversaries by slapping, dodging, feinting, and countering their way to victory. Complementing the single-player story mode is a competitive two-player local versus mode, in which one player controls one of the heroines and the other plays as one of their rivals.

Key Features

  • Five games in one: Rose & Camellia, Rose & Camellia 2, Rose & Camellia vs. La-Mulana, and — available for the first time — Rose & Camellia 3 and Rose & Camellia 4
  • Make your mark on high society in a story of aristocratic absurdity!
  • Reflex-based one-on-one action: slap, dodge, feint, and counter!
  • Two control methods: motion-based Joy-Con controls or touch-screen swipes!
  • More than 30 characters, all with English or Japanese voiceovers!
  • Two-player local versus mode! Give your friends the ultimate smackdown!
  • Gorgeous anime-style intro and vocal theme songs!

Rose & Camellia Collection will be sold on the Switch eShop for $19.99. Limited Run Games will produce a physical release later on.

April 3: Limited Run Games has shared details on the physical release, which includes a standard version and Deluxe Edition. The latter includes the game, an acrylic standee, art cards, soundtrack featuring songs from Christina Vee, and more in a hard case. Pre-orders start April 12 here.

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