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Rose & Camellia

Rose & Camellia Collection English west

Previously announced for Switch in Japan, Rose & Camellia Collection has now been confirmed for the system in the west. WayForward will be handling publishing in late 2023 / early 2024.

Rose & Camellia Collection is an absurd one-on-one slap-fight anthology featuring five games, more than 30 characters, and all-new English voicework, Rose & Camellia Collection.

Rose & Camellia

Playism is working on a Switch version of the slapping battle game Rose & Camellia, the company announced today. A release window is not yet determined.

Rose & Camellia was originally a Flash game that later appeared on mobile. Nigoro, the creator of La-Mulana, came out with the title initially in 2017. 

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