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Rumor: Galar Pokemon codenames and possible evolutions spotted on Dynamax Camera website

Posted on September 21, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in Rumors, Switch

As previously mentioned, a new Dynamax Camera website recently opened in which fans can add Dynamax Pokemon to their pictures. There’s another unexpected element to the site since it appears to have information on codenames for Galar Pokemon and possible evolutions.

abcboy101 was one of the first users on Twitter to share the discovery. He passed along the following:

PokeCommunity Daily has since rounded up all of the relevant information about evolutions:

– Sobble’s line is based on a chameleon
– Grookey’s line may involve a gorilla Pokemon
– Corviknight is a stage three Pokemon, meaning it has two pre-evolutions
– Alcremie and Polteageist are second stage evolutions
– Drednaw has a ‘2’ too in its codename of Gkame2 (kame meaning ‘turtle’ in Japanese), with the G likely representing its Gigantamax form
– It is possible Drednaw is also an evolved Pokemon
– Morpeko has no number with its codename, and so may not evolve
– Yamper and Wooloo have numbers, so they may have an evolution
– Duraludon appears to be a single-stage Pokemon
– Gossifleur is a base stage

It remains to be seen how much of the above is valid, but it’ll no doubt keep the community speculating until Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield launch in November.


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