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Splatoon 2 producer talks a ton about weapons, mobile app usage, graphics, HD Rumble, more

Posted on February 12, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Splatoon 2 producer Hisashi Nogami shared a bunch of information about the game in an interview with 4Gamer last week. Famitsu published its own interview with Nogami in the magazine’s latest issue, and surprisingly, had a ton more to say.

First, Nogami went in-depth about what’s planned for Splatoon 2 in terms of weapons. He also further clarified how Switch’s new mobile app will work for online play, spoke about improving the visuals this time around, and confirmed HD Rumble. If that wasn’t enough, Nogami also noted that Splatoon on Wii U won’t have its online play discontinued anytime soon.

You can continue on below for our full translation (note: some small parts omitted due to being covered in the 4Gamer post, old, or not being relevant to anything). Strap yourselves in, since this is a pretty lengthy one.

A proper sequel, with a “2” in the name

The new Splatoon title has finally been announced. Can you tell us again what the idea behind this game is?

It’s a proper sequel to Splatoon, as you can see by the “2” in the name. We’re making a game that fans of the first can enjoy. I also want to give anyone who was interested in the first, but did not play it, a chance to jump into the fun. That way, it will truly be a proper sequel.

The fact that the title just has a “2”, and no subtitle, feels very straight to the point. What reason did you have for naming it like that?

I believe fans were expecting a “second” Splatoon, so our response was to give them what they wanted.

The situation reminds me of the original Animal Crossing on the Nintendo 64 (note: Japan-only), which received an updated release on the Nintendo GameCube. Did you also consider doing that?

Mhmm. We had given it some thought, but in the two years since Splatoon launched, players have already experienced all of the fun that was possible to have in it. So I thought we should not only add features, but wipe the slate clean. We wanted to give people who have played up until now the ability to experience the feeling of a fresh new start once again.

So you’re saying, as a proper sequel, it’s a fresh new take on various things.

The gameplay fundamentals are still the same, of course, and the basic Turf War rules haven’t changed […] but the Special Weapons have all been given makeovers. I decided to have the weapons be gradually released as well, like before. We plan to have more weapons than the first game, with the available choices at the start being more numerous than the original. But I wanted players to once again enjoy the changes in the weapon trends as new ones are steadily introduced. The combinations of Main Weapons and Specials have been changed, and the Sub Weapons are also being revised, so I hope everyone who played the first will enjoy testing out all of the new combinations for themselves.

That way, they’ll be able to experience the shift in battles we saw in the previous game.

I think people were excited by the feeling that they were growing as a player while the environment of the game itself changed. I want them to experience that again in Splatoon 2. […] New weapons appeared, and the ways existing weapons were used were altered. The trending weapons were changing constantly. In the beginning there were many Rollers and Aerosprays, then the Tentatek Splattershot became popular.

Those were the days. (Laughs) At the presentation it was mentioned that players could play “together, from around the world”. You’re planning on having worldwide matchmaking again?

We are. We’d like to have everyone around the world be able to play together, but the Splatfests will be unique to each region, as they were previously. Just like the first game, we’d like to have people from around the world be able to fight each other.

Speaking of “2”, that “2” pose during the presentation was really something…

I… was prepared for the cold reception. (Dry laugh)

Still, I didn’t think you would do it twice in such a tense, crowded atmosphere. And the second time made me think “He did it!!”, it had a strangely emotional feeling to it. (Laughs)

I thought just once wasn’t enough. The second time also had that slight pause. (Laughs)

Your spirit was amazing! This is getting a little off topic, but it seems the foreign developers who were present were thinking “This is what that Nogami guy is like?” (Laughs)

(Both laugh)

No no, that was the Squid Researcher, not me. (Laughs)

Of course. (Laughs) Getting back on track, I’d like to discuss the weapons in the game. I think the most popular so far would have to be the new category, the Dualies.

Yes. The Dualies are a brand new weapon category, like the Shooters, Rollers and Chargers from the first game. The weapon we showed, the Splat Dualies, are their representative.

There will be different models, right? Like the collaborations and the Deco versions?

There will. We plan to have several variations of the Dualies available in the game.

I already tried the Splat Dualies at the event, but can you tell us a bit about how they work?

You have two reticles, which makes it easy to land hits. However, because the ink it fires is spread out, it will take longer to splat your foes compared to weapons that are more focused. So there are both advantages and disadvantages to it.

I see. Since the ink spreads out, it must be good at covering turf.

Its coverage is about the same as the Shooter types. The Dualies also have a rolling ability, which puts your character into a special stance afterwards. While you’re in this stance, the reticles combine into one, and your rapidfire capabilities also increase.

So after the roll, you’re able to really focus your shots.

That’s right. However, you’re unable to move for a short while after rolling. You can use it to disorient your opponents, but if you use it carelessly, you’ll leave yourself open to counterattack.

Have you been planning the Dualies for a while?

When we started working on Splatoon 2, I decided we had to come up with a weapon that worked differently from previous ones, and would make people say “I wanna try that!” when they see it. Twin pistols… gets the blood pumping, doesn’t it? (Laughs) So I came up with some ideas for how they would work, like that combining them would focus your attacks, and having the extra nozzles quickly roll you around twice.

That would certainly get people excited! And there are all of those new features as well. I was surprised at the Roller’s vertical swipe attack.

The swipe is still horizontal while you’re on the ground, like the first game, but when you’re in the air, it now swings vertically. This vertical swipe’s specialty is its long range. We wanted to add to the Roller’s viability by giving it this new attack. They’re great at close combat, but very susceptible to long-range opponents. Now with the vertical swipe, they have one more option.

The technique players frequently used with the Splat Roller line, swiping while jumping, will now become this new attack.

When you come across a distant enemy, now you can do more than just run away. You can choose to counterattack if you want.

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