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Splatoon version 2.5.0 incoming

Posted on January 18, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Update: Bumped to the top. Added in Nintendo’s official patch notes.

Splatoon’s next update has been announced, and it’s due out very shortly. Version 2.5.0 is actually slated for release in roughly 24 hours.

The new update will be accompanied by the latest round of maintenance. This is set between 9:50 AM and 11:30 AM Japan time, which should translate to:

– 4:50 PM PT (Tuesday) – 6:30 PM PT (Tuesday)
– 7:50 PM ET (Tuesday) – 9:30 PM ET (Tuesday)
– 12:50 AM in the UK (Wednesday) – 2:30 AM in the UK (Wednesday)
– 1:50 AM in Europe (Wednesday) – 3:30 AM in Europe (Wednesday)

Regarding the update itself, players will mainly find stage adjustments and fixes. 124MB of free space is required.

You can find a rough translation of the 2.5.0 patch notes after the break. We’ll add in the official ones when they’re posted.


Stage Adjustments:

– Walleye Warehouse: Adjustments will be made to object placement in Rainmaker Mode.
– Arowana Mall: Adjustments will be made to prevent users from taking certain shortcuts in all modes.
– Piranha Pit: Adjustments will be made to prevent users from taking certain shortcuts in Tower Control Mode.

Battle Adjustments

– Museum D’Alfonsino: Fix the issue in modes other than Tower Control in which the area around the central rotating platform was registering as being inked in unintended ways.
– Mahi-Mahi Resort: Fix the issue In Rainmaker Mode in which breaking the Rainmaker barrier while in the central area caused the special gauge to fill more than intended.


– Adjustments have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.

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