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Square Enix happy for Switch’s success, system could get sequels to older IPs, multiplatform approach

Posted on December 16, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Yosuke Matsuda, the president of Square Enix, has spoken quite a bit about Switch as of late. Matsuda recently said that the company is interested in bringing past titles to the system, and noted how it’s “a very attractive and important platform”.

Matsuda had even more to say about Switch in an interview with The Telegraph. First, when asked how Switch has changed how Square Enix looks at developing and designing games, he said:

“(Laughs) We announced this in our yearly results as well, but certainly the really great thing for us is to see how the Switch is selling so well, it’s doing incredibly well, which is nothing but a good thing for us. As a publisher and developer of games, we obviously want to get our games onto as many different platforms as possible, and so obviously having a broad range to choose from can only be a good thing for us, so certainly seeing Nintendo’s hardware selling so well and doing so well, getting our games on that can only be an advantage for the company, so we’re very happy about it. Like I said, it makes our portfolio even more broad and even more bountiful.”

Later in the interview, Matsuda was asked about balancing existing IPs and new franchises. That led him to eventually again mention how Square Enix wants to revisit its past, and perhaps consider “doing some of those kinds of sequels to older IPs on the Switch in the future”.

He said:

“We really want to do both of those in equal balance. Obviously we’re going to continue making new games, and for the older IPs as well, not just the remake/remasters we’ve been doing, we want to create sequels and new games in those series as well.

Certainly the Switch, as well, because it has sold so well and is doing really well at the moment, there’s a number of previous game IPs that we’ve got that we didn’t make continuations of those series sequels for in the past, and I think maybe looking into doing some of those kinds of sequels to older IPs on the Switch in the future is something we’d like to look at.”

The other noteworthy tidbit from Matsuda: he said that the plan going forward is trying to make all of Square Enix’s games available on all platforms, which includes Switch.


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