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Star Fox 2 on the Super NES Classic Edition will feature Nintendo’s translation from the ’90s

Posted on August 22, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Star Fox 2 is a monumental release for Nintendo. It took years upon years for it to be officially released, which the Super NES Classic Edition is finally offering.

Speaking with USgamer, Nintendo confirmed that the original master will be in Star Fox 2. Q-Games’ Dylan Cuthbert, who worked on the original project, also had this to say:

“StarFox 2 was fully localized as far as I’m aware and went through the full QA process. It was one of the rare occasions where even though the game wasn’t going to be released Nintendo decided to spend the final few months properly finishing it off–I suppose because it was canceled so close to the end and after all the announcements, they wanted something to show for their efforts. It showed pretty good foresight I think, and I’m sure the [SNES Classic] will earn back its development cost and then some!

As for the English translations– because it was canceled so close to the end we had already received all the English as far as I’m aware (although there might have been a few modifications and additions during QA as there tends to be). It would have been translated internally at NOA so the turnaround would have been very quick.”

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