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Strike Force Foxx – first screenshots, official overview, will be submitted to Nintendo soon

Posted on March 12, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News, Screenshots

Big John Games has shared with us the first screenshots from Strike Force Foxx. You can find them above.

Strike Force Foxx will be submitted to Nintendo lot check on April 1st. For the rest of March, Big John is polishing and play balancing.

You’ll find an official overview of the game below.

Your nation is depending on you to save it in Strike Force Foxx on the Nintendo 3DSTM, the newest release from Big John Games and Gamers Digital coming soon.

Strike Force Foxx is a side-scrolling, 3D retro chopper attack-and-rescue game with a modern feel. You are Captain Raymond Foxx, guiding your Razor-One helicopter through intense missions, battling the enemy and saving your citizens from terror.

The mission is in: you’ve been ordered to destroy the terrorist organization, Grid, who is taking over your country. You also need to rescue all of your civilians that have been taken hostage by Grid, while you pursue the elusive Dr. Synchros, the mastermind behind the hostile takeover.

Players will take to the air in their helicopter in more than 35 missions to eliminate the numerous hazardous obstacles, including gunmen, tanks, helicopters, planes, machine-gunning jeeps, heat-seeking missiles, gunboats, battleships, submarines, and more. Along the way, players can upgrade their chopper with new, more powerful weapons to eradicate the enemy more efficiently. Players will be able to unleash a troop of mercenaries into a battle zone to help beat back the enemy, so the player can focus on rescuing civilians.

“All of the game’s missions are woven into the story, which harkens back to the 80s action-style television shows,” says Ken Patterson, president of Big John Games. “The story, including the dialogue, is campy and intentionally over the top but thoroughly enjoyable.”

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