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Big John Games

A year and a half after it originally debuted in Japan, Cube Creator DX heads west and will be out in North America this Thursday. We have a new trailer from Big John Games below.

Cube Creator DX was announced for 3DS last January, and launched in Japan three months later. There hasn’t been any news about a western release, but it looks like it’ll finally be happening next week. Nintendo’s website lists Cube Creator DX for November 8.

Here’s an overview:

Big John Games had been working on a big update for Cube Creator 3D for quite some time. After a few setbacks and delays, the patch has finally gone live in North America.

Players will be able to access several new features once the update is applied, including two-player local multiplayer. We have the full rundown on what’s been added below.

A new trailer for Cube Creator X was uploaded. You can check it out below here.

Arc System Works has two new videos ready for Cube Creator X focusing on game’s “Home World” and plating. We’ve included both below.

Thanks to Amazon Japan, we have a look at the boxart for Cube Creator X. Have a look at the packaging image above.


Arc System Works has published three new videos for the Switch game Cube Creator X. We have the full set below.

Arc System Works has released some information on Cube Creator X for the Switch via their Japanese website; the folks at Gematsu have kindly translated this new info:

Gameplay modes

Essentially, there will be three distinct modes in the game: Adventure Mode, which features a variety of gameplay elements including exploration, combat and communication, Creative Mode, where you can build up an original world at your own pace and Stage Builder Mode, in which you can use gimmick cubes to create unique stages.

Home World

Home World is a new addition to Adventure Mode in this game. It is a sort of hub world from which you can travel to other worlds. There are no enemies here, so you freely customize it, have conversations with citizens, buy items and more.

Evolved Systems

There are three times as many cube types in this game compared to Cube Creator 3D. Also, systems such as height, weight, heat and weather have been added.

Avatar Customization

Avatar customization has been improved and offers more options than ever before, so you can easily create an avatar that suits you.

Finally, there’s also a first gameplay video to be found on the game’s website, sadly without sound though:

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As was reported earlier in the week, Cube Creator X is heading to Switch. Famitsu has first details about the new game.

The following tidbits have been translated from the magazine:

– Has local and online multiplayer
– Cube types can be registered in part units
– Can choose the form of the stage in the stage builder
– Weather will change
– You can raise pets
– The concept of “temperature” has been added
– Example of the above: a wood cube will burn and become charcoal
– You can create your avatar design yourself

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Cube Creator X, the latest entry in Arc System Work’s sandbox construction series, has been announced for Nintendo Switch. It will be released in Japan in April 2018.

This was announced via preview images of this week’s Famitsu magazine. We will have more detailed information on the game once the full issue is out on Wednesday.

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