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Super Mario RPG Frog Coin farming guide

Posted on November 22, 2023 by in Guides, Switch

Super Mario RPG Frog Coin farming

We’ve come up with a fool-proof Frog Coin farming method in Super Mario RPG that’s easy to perform and doesn’t require much focus at all. 

If you’re looking for a fast way to increase coins, this should come in handy. Technically, you could take the Midas River course over and over again or try playing a different sort of minigame to rack up Frog Coins. These methods tend to be rather slow, however, and require a good deal of focus to successfully complete. 

Frog Coin farming method

Super Mario RPG Frog Coin farming guide

Here’s how to go about Frog Coin farming in Super Mario RPG. Head to the first area of Booster Pass and you’ll find a Lakitu that drops an infinite supply of Spikester enemies. Encounter one, and if none of the enemies on-screen are listed as a Special Enemy, flee the battle and encounter either a different Spikester or the same one over again. Special enemies are generated during the battle, so it’s possible to flee from the same Spikester, encounter it again, and then find a new Special Enemy in that battle. When a Special Enemy does appear, kill it and the rest of the enemies on screen to earn your Frog Coin. With this Frog Coin farming method, you should be able to rack up a Frog Coin every minute or two in Super Mario RPG.

Conveniently, Booster Pass is also home to a helpful NPC hidden behind a cliff. For three Frog Coins, they’ll fill in Thought Peek information your Monster List is missing. This means you can encounter Spikesters until you get three Frog Coins and then immediately trade them for a missing entry. You’ll have to beat the main campaign and all the boss rematches. We do have a guide available for that, so be sure to check it out via this link. This is a great method to fill out your Monster List if you’re still missing some entries.

If for some reason you have trouble running away from the enemies, you can always use the See Ya item to guarantee an escape from them. This Super Mario RPG Frog Coin farming method works best the higher the level you are so that you can KO the Special Enemy sooner. Feel free to check out our level-up guide if you need additional tips. The max level in this game is 30.

Super Mario RPG is available now for Switch. Access the official site here.

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