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How to get 100 Super Jumps in Super Mario RPG

Posted on November 28, 2023 by in Guides, Switch

100 super jumps Super Mario RPG

As covered in our Super Mario RPG 100 percent completion guide, fully finishing the game takes a long time – which also involves earning 100 Super Jumps.

When you make it to Monstro Town, you’ll find an NPC who tracks your Super Jump record. If your record is over 30, you’ll receive the Attack Scarf accessory. If your record is maxed-out (100), however, you’ll receive the Super Suit accessory. This piece of gear drastically increases its user’s stats, so it helps a ton against this game’s boss rematches. Today, we’ll be going over some tips and tricks on racking up 100 Super Jumps. Get ready for a challenge!

How to get 100 Super Jumps

How to get 100 Super Jumps in Super Mario RPG

To clarify things a little, yes – we did get 100 Super Jumps in Super Mario RPG ourselves before writing this guide. Before we get into the tips and tricks, let’s outline what exactly this task entails. After leveling him up a bit, Mario learns a special move called Super Jump. You need to press the A button the second Mario lands, and every time you nail the timing, he’ll jump again and prepare for another stomp. Mario can Super Jump on an enemy up to 100 times, after which the chain ends. The first fifteen jumps have fairly forgiving timing, but after that 15th jump, you only have a few frames to make your input. This means that racking up 100 Super Jumps is incredibly difficult – your timing needs to be absolutely perfect. Again, you’re aiming to press the A button as soon as Mario makes contact with the enemy.

Unfortunately, making 100 Super Jumps in Super Mario RPG kind of just comes down to skill. There are a few tricks you can use, however, and it all comes down to what works for you. Regardless, you’ll want to make your way to Mushroom Way or Booster Pass. There, you’ll find spiked enemies dropped by Lakitu. These enemies are immune to Super Jumps, which means they won’t die after you make a single attempt at 100 jumps. That being said, despite their immunity to jumps, it still counts if you manage to hit 100 Super Jumps on them. You’d also do well to purchase the Earlier Times item from the Frog Sage’s student (he’s in the elder’s house in Seaside Town). When you run out of FP, use the Earlier Times item to restart the battle and get all your FP back. That way you can keep bopping Spikesters without having to go back to an inn.

  • Set up a metronome. Or something similar! The game only makes a sound after you’ve made your jump input, so keeping time with a metronome or something similar will help you nail the input timing. In our case, we just made noises that resembled ticking clocks. It sounds silly, but having an audio cue can help your brain mindlessly press the A button at the same time.
  • Put your Switch in handheld mode and place it flat on a table. This way you can use your index finger to press the A button. The trick won’t work for everyone, but if you’re left-handed, this is another great way to handle the 100 Super Jump challenge. If you insist on playing docked, wire up a Pro Controller directly to your Switch to reduce the input lag. Each Super Jump has only a few frames where you can make the input, so even a frame or two of input delay has the chance to mess things up.
  • Find your visual cue. When using Super Jump on an enemy, try targeting the one farthest from the top edge of the screen. That way you can see Mario falling down and prepare yourself to press the A button. As mentioned earlier, you want to press the button as soon as both of Mario’s shoes touch the top of the enemy. You can also look at Mario’s shadow and use that as a visual cue. Everyone will have a different preferred visual indicator, so make sure to find yours!
  • Mute the game’s audio. This is moreso something to try if you’re really struggling, but sometimes going into a trance-like state and mindlessly pressing the A button with proper timing works best when there’s no audio in the way. We found it easier with a metronome, but some of you might have an easier time with no audio at all to distract you.
  • Take breaks! This is an inherently frustrating task, and you can’t very well focus if you’re frustrated. If you’ve just done 20 Super Jump attempts in a row, you might be better off taking a break and trying again the next day. The Super Suit isn’t going anywhere, so don’t worry if it takes you a while.

Overall, there’s unfortunately no simple trick to get 100 Super Jumps in Super Mario RPG. Even with all our advice above, you’re going to have to work at it. On the bright side, it’s completely possible that you get lucky and get the 100 sooner than you think. If you have any advice to share that worked for you, feel free to let us know down below. This is definitely Super Mario RPG’s toughest completion requirement (tied with 100 coins on the Midas River, maybe).

Super Mario RPG is available now for Switch, and you can check out the official website right here.

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