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Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS final presentation live stream and blog

Posted on December 15, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Wii U

Well, this is it folks! The final Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS presentation is nearly here. In just a few hours, we’ll know about what sort of goodies are planned as the game’s DLC begins to come to an end.

The stream will begin at the following times below:

– 2 PM PT
– 5 PM ET
– 10 PM in the UK
– 11 PM in Europe

We’ve posted a live stream for the presentation below. Along with fresh posts on the site for important news, we’ll also maintain a live blog. It should be a good time!

GThe Smash Bros. presentation should be about 33 minutes long, according to the Japanese stream.

Live blog

  • Corrin, Fire Emblem Fates’ protagonist revealed. Playable both male and female
  • Sakurai wanted Corrin in Smash to help players get familiar with the character before Fates comes out in the West
  • Omega Yato is the final form of Corrin’s weapon
  • Transforms using a technique called Dragon Fang, turning different body parts into tools in battle
  • Side + B – “Dragon Lunge” is a side lunge that can pin the opponent to the ground and follow up
  • UP + B – “Dragon Ascent” is a wide attack recovery move with controlable angles
  • Down + B – “Counter Surge” is a counter move where Corrin counters by transforming into a dragon. Attacks in front and behind
  • Final Smash is “Torrential Roar” which pulls opponents in and KOs them
  • More music is coming with Corrin, the main theme of Fates and a remixed version of the same theme
  • Corrin will be available in February 2016. ($4.99 for single console, $5.99 for both)


  • Will be available “soon” UPDATE: Cloud will be available ‘hours after the presentation’
  • Side Smash is a 3 hit chain attack
  • All hit sounds are inspired by the original Final Fantasy VII
  • Cloud has an Advent Children costume
  • Has access to “Limit Gauge” which fills when he hits or get hits. Similar to Little Mac’s KO gauge but is not always visible
  • Once he has it, certain attacks will be altered
  • Neutral B “Blade Beam” is a projectile move. Limit Break version leads to a combo
  • Side + B “Cross Slash” is a combo move, Limit Break version increases power
  • Up + B “Climhazzard” can be pressed twice to carry the opponent back down, only press button once when recovering
  • Down + B “Limit Charge” charges Limit Gauge, when charged it becomes “Finishing Touch” which has great knock back but doesn’t do damage
  • Final smash is “Omnislash” which combos oppponents


  • Summon Materia can be collected on the stage, collecting enough will give the players a summon that impact the battlefield
  • Ifrit, Ramuh, Odin, Leviathan, Behamut ZERO summons all shown
  • Summons are available in the 3DS version of Midgar
  • Art for Cloud done by Tetsuya Nomura

Mii Fighters

  • Chocobo hat for Mii Fighters revealed
  • Geno Mii Fighter Outfit revealed (from Super Mario RPG)
  • Final costume pack for Mii fighters are: Geno (Gunner), Bionic Armor (Brawler, Feb 2016), Takamara (Sword Fighter, 2016), Ashley (Sword Fighter Female, 2016), Gil (Sword Fighter, 2016), Tails (Gunner, 2016), Knucles (Brawler, 2016)
  • On the Smash website, you can get QR codes for Miis that look like the characters the costumes are based on


  • Bayonetta revealed as final playable character in Smash
  • Number 1 requested character on the ballot in Europe, top 5 in US. Number 1 overall worldwide
  • Her controls will feel familiar to that of the original game
  • A combo fighter, slow to start but high damage potential
  • Each special move strikes multiple times
  • “Bullet Arts” – After an attack, press and hold for continuous gunfire
  • Gunfire doesn’t cause hitstop, enemies can keep attacking
  • “Wicked Weaves” summons limbs for all her A smash attacks
  • “Witch Time” is a counter that slows the opponent down and allows you to punish. Doesn’t slow down the whole game, just opponent
  • Slowdown time is affected by overall opponent %
  • When triggered late, “Bat Within” is activated instead which reduces damage done by opponent
  • “Bullet Climax” is standard B special, fires her guns. Can press and hold the button to charge up
  • “Heel Slide” is Side + B when used on the ground, can combo out of it. In the air the move is “AfterBurner Kick” and can be followed up with a second kick
  • “Witch Twist” is Up + B, can be used twice or hold the button to shoot
  • “Internal Climax” is final smash, attack opponents to fill up a gauge. When filled, summons a demon which will KO opponents over 100% instantly
  • Umbra Clock Tower revealed as a playable stage
  • Flat platform with moving platforms around it
  • Music and trophies are coming along with the stage
  • Targeting a February 2016 release for Bayonetta content, alongside Corrin


  • Ryu, Roy, Famicon R.O.B. coming March 18th
  • DLC characters revealed today getting amiibo figures (Date TBC)

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