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8 Bit Legit

Battle Kid Fortress of Peril

Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril was originally released way back in 2010, and it’s now making the jump to Switch all of these years later.

The hardcore platformer was made with the NES in mind. In fact, it previously received a cartridge release for the old Nintendo console. The Switch version appears to be a straightforward port.

Trophy gameplay

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Trophy gameplay

Following the debut of Trophy on Switch, new gameplay has come in. We have a lengthy look at the 8-bit action platformer.

Those that are curious in learning more can find more details in the following overview:


Today, publisher 8-Bit Legit and developer Gradual Games announced that they’re bringing Trophy to Switch. It’ll be ready to go this week – specifically February 2, 2023.

Trophy, an 8-bit action platformer that previously released as a NES cartridge, “features the classic movements of running, jumping, and shooting, and strives for a pure platforming experience, unhampered by excessive power-ups or useless abilities.” Games like Mega Man and Capcom’s Disney classics have been cited as inspirations.

Here’s a bunch of additional information:

NEScape gameplay

NEScape came to Switch this week, and we have a new batch of gameplay. 10 minutes of footage shows off the eShop release.

Learn more about NEScape in the following overview:


8 Bit Legit is bringing NEScape to Switch, according to an eShop listing. It will be available in just a few days, as it’s already scheduled for January 13, 2023.

NEScape was actually funded previously on Kickstarter. In 2020, nearly $40,000 was raised to help bring it to life. The game was made playable on the NES itself, but now it’ll be offered on Nintendo’s current console.

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