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80 Days

80 Days and Overboard physical

ININ Games has announced that it’s working with Inkle to produce a physical release for 80 Days and Overboard on Switch. Both will be sold together in a single package.

ININ Games has announced plans for a limited edition (€29,99, limited to 2.000 copies) and a special limited edition containing exclusive collectibles (€49,99, limited to 999 copies). Pre-orders are up now on Strictly Limited Games’ store here.

Below are overviews for both titles:

New footage is in for 80 Days, which arrived on the Switch eShop yesterday. Take a look at the gameplay below.

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inkle today announced that it is bringing two new games for Switch. Along with 80 Days, which mixes text adventures with strategic board games and RPGs, the system is also getting the open world archeological adventure Heaven’s Vault.

Below are introductions and trailers for both:

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